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ROSEMARDORF Posts: 2,648
6/30/11 1:52 A

I couldn't send spark mail last night . Spark explained they were working on the site. We both must have been up really late. Lol. I should have been asleep!!

RUNNER12COM Posts: 5,441
6/28/11 1:13 P

Great suggestions already. I was going to say the same thing, that you might have better luck posting this in the technical forum. Staff is great, plus our more tech-savvy members often read through those posts and offer assistance.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (195,969)
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Posts: 26,975
6/28/11 11:51 A

It could be a simple glitch in the software. That happens some times. Give it some time. Try sending or replying to an email a little later in the day. If you're still having problems, then you might try posting this question on the site/technical help forum.

I haven't seen any posts from other members who are having problems with email. One thing you could try is logging out of Spark People. Log off the computer, power it down. Wait about 2-3 mins, then turn the computer on and see if that helps. Some times, just rebooting your computer can fix things like this. And once again, if that doesn't work, you might try leaving a post in the technical help forum.

JESUSLOVR SparkPoints: (0)
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6/28/11 11:41 A

I cabn't send e-mail. I even confirmed my e-mail address! I hate not being able to send thanks to those who deserve it, help to those who need it, and all those in between!!! Can somebody please help? emoticon

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