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8/9/14 8:38 P

Like many of the other responses, I don't use the meal plans. I've been simply tracking my own nutrition and reviewing the daily reports to see if I need to make any adjustments on where my calories are coming-from.

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ERICREH Posts: 3,487
8/9/14 7:26 P

You can enter your own items that aren't listed and put them on your favorites list.

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
8/9/14 5:44 P

I'm still trying the weekly thing

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8/9/14 3:45 P

Just use a daily appt. calendar booklet, or wall calendar, or even buy a cute notebook and write it down, simple. I take mine to the dietitian, so it's easy for her to see it. Keep it simple. You can save the notebooks for future reference, as you get older, you may be surprised by how you change your attitudes about what foods you eat as time goes by.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,094
8/9/14 9:56 A

I'd agree-- turn off the meal plans, and enter your own food choices. You can set up "favorites" for the things you eat often, and that makes entering it faster.

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8/9/14 6:17 A


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8/9/14 1:19 A

Probably the key thing is to confirm that you are having an adequate intake of balanced nutrition.

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8/8/14 11:59 P

It will work for you if you want it to.

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8/8/14 8:08 P

You can make whatever you need to work

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BHENDRICK2 Posts: 1,189
8/8/14 1:22 P

i just use my own meal plan that works and track it the website of the most inspiring man i know check out his book
SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 60,360
8/8/14 1:11 P

If you click on any food in the meal plan, a list of substitutions will come up. Hopefully that will help, but if you have a lot of dietary restrictions, I agree you might want to consider turning off the meal plan and just tracking your own food. If you do that, you'll still be able to see how you're doing relative to your recommended calorie and nutrient ranges.

Coach Jen

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8/8/14 12:39 P

I am having problems too.

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8/8/14 12:38 P

I don't use the Spark menus. Turned that function off. I make my own meal plans. emoticon

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 17,640
8/8/14 12:33 P

Eat what you like,,, that is what most of us here do!

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ZIGGY122 Posts: 2,198
8/8/14 11:56 A

Sure it will work for you... eat what you want.. just adjust the portion... and exercise oh yeah plan... plan and plan again

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,890
8/8/14 11:31 A

Are you using the Spark Menus?

I turned off the Spark Menus and track my own food. I only looked at them to give me ideas. Other than that I don't use them at all.

I hope that this helps

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8/8/14 11:26 A

I don't eat dairy...I drink rice or almond milk...I do eat some fish but no other meats. I don't do soy or most breads, per say. There are no substitutes on my daily choices? Is this even going to work for me?

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