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6/26/13 5:13 P

There is nothing wrong with starting out with minimal, gentle exercise and working up from there.

What about swimming? It is easy on the joints and you don't have to sit in your own sweat while you exercise. Plus it can be very refreshing in the summer.


MYFROGGY69 Posts: 8
6/26/13 2:31 P

thank you for your post... I will take it slow, and do it everyday.. My normal tactics is to overdo it and being so sore the next day, I give up....
It is embarrassing being winded and all sweaty just walking around Walmart, especially when my 64 year old mother is doing circles around me...
Wii fit is fun, when I get home I'm going to get started and gradually work my way up...
I really do appreciate your post.

07SOJO Posts: 1,652
6/26/13 2:15 P

How about trying a beginning Yoga? It can help build strength and should be easy on your back, depending on the type you do.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,543
6/26/13 2:10 P

Start slow. Even 10 minutes a day can create big results when you do it consistently. It can also give you the momentum to work toward bigger goals. Find activities you enjoy doing, and consider setting a goal of 10 minutes per day for the next 2 weeks. You can also divide your workout into 10 minute chunks throughout the day once you feel comfortable doing more, since that can be easier than trying to tackle it all at once.

Coach Jen

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
6/26/13 2:08 P

Are you under a doctor's care for your back? I would follow my doctor's advice about appropriate exercise to do to protect your back. I'm also kind of worried about you being unable to walk & stand for the time it takes you to shop.

It's OK to start really small. Nobody's saying you have to do a 5K in six weeks. By starting small I mean something like "5 minutes of strength training every day". That's it. Do that for a week, and then increase your time 10 minutes every day. And so on.

If mobility is an issue, there are exercises you can do while sitting down. It is possible that once you start losing weight your mobility will improve, but you don't want to damage yourself while trying to get stronger!

And I really like the Wii fit plus. Especially if you are starting from a very sedentary place, I think it's a good way to get yourself moving. Be careful not to overdo it, though!

MYFROGGY69 Posts: 8
6/26/13 2:05 P

Thank you for the tip... I will give it a shot... And congrats on your current weight loss !! emoticon

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,744
6/26/13 1:11 P

you can try a stationary bike or eliptical. Try short spurts and work on your endurance.

MYFROGGY69 Posts: 8
6/26/13 12:52 P

Btw, I have a bad back and if I bend over or get up the wrong way, it could mean big trouble for a week or more... I have a membership at 24 hour fitness and have never gone, it's currently on freeze. To embarrassed to work out in front of others....

MYFROGGY69 Posts: 8
6/26/13 12:48 P

Hello everyone, I'm new here and can't seem to get motivated to excersize... I went grocery shopping and bought all the right stuff, tracking all my meals, staying within limits and feel good about the nutrition part of this journey... I just can't get off my ass. Walking around in the store leaves me out of breath, sweaty, and my feet killing me..
Any suggestions to get me going... I hate walking, it's boring and dreadful... I have the Wii fitness plus and have done some toning excersizes but not the cardio...
One foot in front of the other is my plan, and I guess it's true, the first step is the hardest..
Any suggestions appreciated, thanks emoticon

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