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5/5/13 9:59 A

Just wanted to add my condolences and second the idea that there are many ways to remember and honor your late father. You could, for instance, volunteer to a cause that he cared about, train and walk/run a charity 5/10K in his memory, write him a letter (saying good-bye or anything else you would want to say to him) and place it at his grave or anyplace meaningful (even burn it to send it towards the heavens), etc. Online there are lots of ideas for simple rituals of remembrance you can do alone or with friends/family, if you wish.

Meanwhile, take gentle care of yourself.

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5/5/13 9:35 A

Thank you both for your condolences as well as your advice. I did start back on the Bootcamp challenge today. Although I only did a 10 min cardio workout, and 7 min arm toning routine, it did feel good to start back up. Gonna try and keep this up. One day at a a time......

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5/4/13 5:21 P


I'm sorry to hear about your father. Even though you may have been estranged, I'm sure you had some good times. One way to remember your father is to remember those good times. If you weren't allowed to attend the service, later on, you might leave some flowers on his grave.

Do you have family members who you can talk to ? You might want to get together with those members and have your own memorial in his memory. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. It could be just coffee and cake with your family.

You need to give yourself time to grieve. You may even want to consider talking to a therapist about your relationship with your father. It's something you can do later on that will help you heal.

As far as exercise, you don't have to do a lot to start. Why not start with a daily walk ? Walking is not only great cardiovascular exercise, it's a great way to reduce stress. I do a lot of my best thinking when I'm out walking. Walking helps to clear my mind. So, try taking a daily walk. Do you have a gym membership ? If so, why not go and take one of your favorite classes. There's nothing like a good aerobics class for a pick me up.


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5/4/13 9:35 A

I'm so sorry for the loss of your father.

Even if you were estranged, you're still grieving so be kind to yourself.

Maybe just pick one thing for sure to do each day for a week...perhaps take a long walk (that can give you a good environment to think) or maybe cook a full meal (perhaps something you and he enjoyed during happier times - then say a toast before you sit down to it).

Regardless of what is happening around you, you are living here right now, and you need to take care of yourself.

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5/4/13 8:28 A

I was doing so good working out 4 to 6 days a week. Then last week my Father passed away unexpectedly. Unfortunately we had an estranged relationship, and I wasn't allowed to be attend the services. I have been so depressed about this, and just can't seem to get motivated to get back into working out. Plus on top of not working out I have started up smoking again. Only good thing with that, is that I have no problem quitting when I am ready. I just need to figure out how to push myself to do the 1st workout then I think I will be able to keep up with it again....Any suggestions?????

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