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Dixie, to change or add a signature, first go to your SparkPage. Next, click on Edit. Go to Personal Signature, which is on the right quite a ways down the page. It is just above your profile image.

You can enter a signature there.


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8/28/13 12:32 P

Thanks for the replies. I guess as a former Weight Watcher, I am used to their system, and they definitely do have listings for generic things like "caesar salad". Of course every recipe is going to be different, but they try to average things out so that a basic "restaurant type caesar salad" is likely to be close enough to what you ordered at the restaurant.

In general, I find that WW food lists are much more extensive than Sparkpeople. Hopefully the nutritionists at SP will be working to add more "generic" listings in the future.


P.S. Since you've been so helpful, maybe you can tell me how to get the "signatures" and other stuff to appear at the bottom of your posts. emoticon

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8/28/13 5:32 A

Sometimes-- especially with small family-owned or local type restaurants, that do not post their nutritional information-- you just have to guesstimate. Because, as pp have mentioned, there are too many variables for a "generic" entry. I try to find a listing in the Tracker for something I feel is comparable. For example, was the salad similar to Panerra Bread"s? Or more like Wendy's?

There isn't any way to be completely accurate with something like that. You're faced then with the choice of just guesstimating, or never going out to eat at those places. Frankly, I choose guesstimating. Just because I'm watching what I eat and try to make healthy choices, doesn't mean I'm willing to give up going out. We don't go out to eat all that often and if I'm afraid I went over on my calories, I'll just eat at the lower end of my range the next day. It all averages out.

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8/28/13 1:27 A

If you really want to be accurate, you will make your own salad. :) I like to make a Caesar at home with fresh purple cabbage and thinly sliced carrots for crunch instead of croutons.

Sometimes you just have to pick the thing that seems the closest and move on. It's really hard to be accurate about restaurant food since ingredients, prep. and portion sizes vary so much.

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8/27/13 11:38 P

I don't really see how SP CAN put things like Caesar Salad, or any other salad into their Nutrition Tracker because there are a lot of variables to it - i.e. how much bacon and/or cheese, and the type of cheese; how much dressing and the recipe for the dressing. I would be more inclined to guess at the weight of the various ingredients and enter them separately.


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8/27/13 9:34 P

Hello All, I am a new user, and this is my first post. In general, I am liking the search feature on the Nutrition tracker, but I can't find some basic foods. Tonight for dinner, I had a caesar salad from a local restaurant. They are a small operation, so they don't have nutrition information available, like a larger chain restaurant would.

My problem is that I cannot find an entry for "caesar salad". I find plenty of matches for restaurant salads, fast food salads, member recipes and brand name salad dressings - but there's nothing for just a generic caesar salad. I am trying to be as accurate as possible with my tracking, so I could just guess at whatever seems "closest" but it seems there really should be more general food choices.

How do you guys handle this kind of thing?


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