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7/10/13 6:44 A

You may want to check out some of the strength training videos here at SP from Coach Nicole. Try doing one of the videos, two days a week.

Call your local hospital or call your doctor to discuss counseling options in your area. Your Employee Assistance Program may also have services available.


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7/9/13 9:40 P

Thanks for the responses! I am 4'10 and around 98 pounds. Right now, I mainly do a lot of walking, Zumba and the treadmill. Seeing a counselor sounds like it could definitely benefit me. As far as strength training goes, how many times per week do you think would be a good starting point?

7/9/13 8:18 P

I know you have spoken of your rapid weight loss, loss of your period, and binge eating in the past. Do you feel that working with a counselor on body image and realistic body weight would help you mentally.

I like the idea of strength straining that the others have mentioned. However, not knowing your body composition I can not say if you are already are at a healthy percentage body fat and percentage muscle. Since you report that your period recently returned, I can professionally guess that your percentage fat is on the low side already. Thus I return to the idea of working with a counselor. Have you ever done this in the past???

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7/9/13 6:21 P

How about going for gracefulness, and take up some exercise that improves or refines coordination? Have you tried pilates? It was developed originally for dancers recovering from injury, I understand, and it combines both strengthening and flexibility, and even balance exercises all in one. I didn't hit on the balance exercises much until I started going to a class, so you might want to attend a class.

It is really hard to get off the diet treadmill successfully. Do a search on "maintenance" for the sparkpeople website to come up with some articles that might help.

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7/9/13 2:21 P

Without knowing really anything about your weight, where you are in the BMI range, what exercise you do, etc - I'm going to take a stab in the dark and suggest strength training (if you don't already). ST helps give me the shape I want to have, even though I may technically weigh a few pounds more than I would without. It will tighten things up so you can have more of the shape you want, but also have healthy muscles. Do note that you may have to increase your calorie intake if you want to support muscle growth (again, not knowing how much you eat currently).

Personal anecdote - earlier in the year I got one illness after another and took almost 6 weeks off from ST (though still ate within my ranges and walked when I could). I lost 3 pounds but gained almost as many inches, it was shocking to see how much ST affected my shape and I couldn't get back to the gym fast enough.

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7/9/13 2:02 P

Through diet and exercise I had a significant weight loss over the last year. I was finally happy with the way I looked, but my weight went too low and my period stopped. I have re-gained around 15 pounds and I just got my period back after a 5 month hiatus. Even though my weight is now in a healthy range, I feel too heavy. How do I find a good balance?

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