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4/22/13 4:05 A

Try brushing cut veggies with a little garlic oil, S&P, then grill on high heat. They are a great snack.

LIBBYL1 Posts: 5,933
12/18/12 2:43 P

nuts are my favourite...and peanut butter...and a bit of natural yogurt with blueberries and nuts.

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12/12/12 10:37 P

And the best protein to add to smoothies is tofu. You won't taste it -- it takes on the flavor of whatever you put in your smoothie but adds protein. (you can do that unless you don't like/use soy.)
Example: milk, tofu, frozen banana, cocoa, sweetener, ice cubes
Example: pure fruit juice, tofu, flax oil, ice cubes, frozen fruit (buy fresh and freeze your own)

just some thoughts!

Lois - VA

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12/4/12 2:10 P

I like to add hidden veggies.
Butternut squash to mac and cheese and burritos.
Grated carrorts or zucchini to chili, sloppy joe, burgers, etc.
As for snacks, I go for fruit, greek yogurt, string cheese, cottage cheese, or hummus with crackers or pretzels.

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12/2/12 11:18 A

try adding different things to smoothies. Fruit for sure is great with yogurt.

I can do it!!
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11/30/12 3:09 P

I couldn't eat raw veggies after having some dental work done.. I steamed carrots, peppers, broccoli, and other favorites until semi soft, then placed them in a jar, added basil, garlic and/or favorite seasonings, added water and kept in fridge. Putting the veggies in pickle juice also worked.

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AZAMLYNN20002 Posts: 14
11/15/12 11:26 P

I don't like the taste of raw veggies, so I boil them and season them with black pepper, salt and whatever spices I can find and it taste so good. That is how I get my veggies in my body. One way that I get them in as well is by blending some raw spinach into any shakes I take, You won"t even taste the spinach. Hope that helps! :)

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9/28/12 10:57 A


KANDY4ED SparkPoints: (987)
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9/16/12 10:15 A

Thank you. It's been awhile since I tried to lose weight so I have to retrain myself to get into the mind set of what is and what isn't good for me.
Again Thank you.

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9/16/12 10:01 A

Hi Kandy4ed,

Snacks don't have to be just veggies and fruit. Nuts, popcorn, string cheese, yogurt, raisins, even a sandwich can be a snack as long as you factor them into your meal plan.

Coach Nancy

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9/16/12 8:59 A

As someone who can't eat raw veggies without a lot of pain, I am wondering what ideas you all might have for snacking. I really like fruit but don't want to just snack on that.
Please share some ideas with me. Thank you. emoticon

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