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4/30/13 8:53 P

Would easy mini-meals/snacks help:

1/2 peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat toast
bowl of cereal and milk
veggies and dip
carton of yogurt


JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,784
4/30/13 8:30 P

I get an upset stomach and actually do vomit when I am super stressed, so I understand. But you've got to ultimately find a way to manage it because this situation will happen again and again - and it's not healthy.

Right now, I'd focus on your exams and try to work in some light exercise - 10 minute walk, 5 minutes of stretching, etc. Also, I'd try small amounts of food throughout the day that your tummy and blood sugar can handle.

Then, if your university has a counseling center or academic success program that helps with stress management techniques, take advantage. I dealt with chronic stress for several years and by my mid-20s, I was a wreck - a lot of it originated in academic stresses which boiled over into my career, etc. I finally spent some time with a therapist working on it about a year ago, and it's made a huge difference in my life. I was skeptical of some of the techniques, but was able to find things that work for me.

Good luck!

STARPESCADO Posts: 1,106
4/30/13 7:44 P


Good luck on your tests :)

Not eating anything is dangerous - maybe U should go to your doctor and see if there is something he/she can suggest?

Please try to eat something even if you are stressed out - I am going to say a prayer for you :)

Maybe U can find a way to spend some point in the day to relax - like maybe meditate for 15 minutes and that might help your stress level. Maybe dance to your favorite song - only if you've had something to eat.

Not eating and skipping meals is bad for your metabolism also, among other things, so try and keep that in mind.

Best of luck to you....

XXNIAMHXX1 Posts: 18
4/30/13 4:15 P

Hi, I have exams for uni starting next week so I am incredibly stressed, and since last thursday I have not been able to eat normally. I was having two meals a day since thursday, but today & yesterday I have just ate once. I normally have a very big appetite, it's hard to ever feel full, but now everytime I eat a mouthful too much I vomit.

I don't believe it is something I should go to the doctors about as it always happens to me when I am stressed but I care more this time since I am trying to lose weight and I do not want my body to go into starvation mode, which is what happened in January when I got my tonsils out and my body held on to everything I ate and I gained an extra 10 pounds. I am not exercising while this is happening, by the way.

I have been trying to get more calories in, for example today with my dinner when I had mashed potatos I used creamery butter instead of low-spread and I have been drinking pineapple juice and orange juice (not the sugary stuff!) on the side but I fear it is not enough.

My diabetes is fine as I have been reducing my insulin / taking a bit extra when having juice as needed, my blood sugars have been perfect this whole time so I am not too worried about that side of things as I constantly check them.

Sorry for the long post - any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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