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7/14/13 1:31 P

That sounds like a fabulously healthy day! I, too, can't get over how much better I'm eating than ever before. In fact, just last night, my boyfriend drove us to a fast food drive-thru for dinner, and I was shocked at how much I did NOT want to eat any of it. Before, I would have leapt at the chance, but last night I realized that I really don't like that junk anymore. I only ended up eating about half my food, and it just wasn't worth it, calorie-wise. Nothing compares to whole, fresh, nutritious foods that aren't weighed down in salt!

I agree that focusing on the things you do really enjoy eating, rather than what you don't like, makes a world of a difference. I didn't realize how many good, whole foods I did like until I stopped dreading eating healthy because of all the things I don't like. And the energy! It's not just from working out, but from filling my body with foods that supply it with adequate nutrition.

emoticon on your progress so far!

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7/14/13 6:35 A

Great going!

It's so nice when you can see/feel the difference in choosing better food options

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7/10/13 11:36 P

Hurrah! I'm a firm believer in giving yourself BETTER food, ensuring you really enjoy your food, and never falling into that "diet trap" of deprivation, punishment, denial, and food-as-the-enemy thinking.

Bananas with melted peanut butter, eh? *jots that one down, sounds yummy!*

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7/10/13 10:31 P

Kudos on finding a lifestyle and nutrition plan that ADDS to your life! You are doing fantastic!

It really is easy when you focus on choosing foods that you really enjoy, isn't it? It's amazing when everything just clicks in to place and you make the changes that you really want to make.

Hope you're enjoying that wine - you've earned it!

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7/10/13 9:04 P

I think what has kept me on track for so long this time is really making this a way of life. I love eating this way, and so often, like today, I'm so impressed with how much/how well I can eat. Nothing like the hundreds of "diets" I've been on in my lifetime when I've felt so deprived and just can't stick with it for the long term. No wonder it never worked for long!!

For breakfast today I ate a homemade low fat, no sugar apple raisin bran muffin and an orange. Lunch was a big bowl of berries with greek yogurt and All Bran Buds. And dinner was a HUGE tuna salad made with a ton of celery, green onion and a can of tuna dressed with a mixture of half fat miracle whip and greek yogurt plus a bit of honey dijon mustard and salt and pepper. Simple and so yummy!! OH, and I ended the day with a plate of sliced banana with a couple tablespoons of melted peanut butter drizzled on top. Yum! Oh, and I have planned some white wine for later and a few more calories left to spare. I'm so happy I found SP and that I've figured out how to make this work in such a fabulous way. Very happy !

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