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2/13/13 10:02 A

I second the slow cooker. I forgot about some pinto beans in my slow cooker Monday night and had my husband rescue them at 11pm. Not burnt, but needed some milk to get them to turn into refried beans!

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SPKRAUSE Posts: 543
2/12/13 10:05 A

Live and learn ...

... at least you can believe it's not butter and you didn't shrink the kids. Something like that. Kidney beans need about a 10-minute boil but after that work well in the oven in a Dutch oven / casserole, or in the slow cooker ... less burning!

mmm ... pizza.

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2/11/13 9:11 P

How long did it take me to get around to clean and soak most of a bag of kidney beans overnight, then, today, put them on the stove and fall asleep!

So I ordered pizza. (We were due for a freebie!) emoticon

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