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2/12/12 10:13 A

Cardio (unless it is super intense) doesn't need the recovery time strength training does so you can do it everyday if it is at a low or moderate level. If you do high intensity then you would need a rest period. Just fit it in where you can!

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2/11/12 6:44 A

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No worries. There are going to be times when you get off schedule. it happens. So, if you can't do your cardio today, do it tomorrow.

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2/10/12 7:20 P

I don't always do my cardio on the scheduled day...but I always get my 4-5x cardio and 2x/ST. no biggie.

KRISTINL88 Posts: 44
2/10/12 7:13 P

So I can't make my scheduled cardio today. Does it matter if I just make it up tomorrow on a day that I don't have it?

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