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10/4/12 12:13 A

Most surprised, hmm...

In some ways, maybe cheese. It's amazing how fast it can add up.

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10/4/12 12:06 A

1850 to 2130

Trev, Kent Southeast UK

How can you know that you can't unless you have tried and failed.
Join the 10 minute exercising challenge and get exercising.
See what you are made of by joining the 10k steps day challenge.

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10/3/12 8:56 P


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10/3/12 2:17 A

Yes, I totally agree. Not only am I learning about calories, but also other things - like how much protein is in mushrooms (they are little powerhouses)! Knowledge gives us power, and SparkPeople is a great resource for learning.


Saskatchewan, Canada
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10/3/12 2:04 A

Good morning, wish u all a happy, healthy, productivity day

knowledge is every thing, spark people helped me a lot especially in food & calories

i get shocked from some foods, because i didn't know that it contains that much and some foods same lettuce its just 8 calories in one cup , 1 mushroom around 3.4 calories , amazing

share ur knowledge with us , which food surprised u with its calories

cheers , have a nice day

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