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5/26/13 6:05 P

You should go to the trackers and put in the amount of calories you're burning each week if you haven't already. That subsequent calorie ranges will then take that into account and recalculate. But, as a rule, if you've put in your estimated calories burnt in your settings, then that range is concrete.

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5/26/13 4:16 P

The Spark calorie ranges don't vary day to day depending on activity, they are based on your BMR x 1.2 (to cover basic daily activities) + the daily average of your weekly exercise and then deducting either 500 calories per day (to lose 1 pound per week) or 1000 calories per day (to lose 2 pounds per week).

You can find how they do it here:

Hope that helps!

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So, my daily calories range is 1200-1550. Is that what I should eat a day or is that my final number AFTER working out? I will be over my range today, but when I figure in calories burned from my 4.5 mile walk, I will be in range. Just wondering...

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