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I rarely garden, so I always count it when I do (plus digging holes in the ground around where I live is HARD). As for cleaning, it depends on what I'm doing. I usually wait 'til after I'm done, that way I can count it if I feel like I worked really hard. For example, my boyfriend recently paid me to clean his room... I was in there ALL day, and most of the time, my heart rate was definitely up, but I only put 2 hours in the tracker. If I'm just vacuuming my small bedroom though, I don't count that. I don't count things like dishes either. I count cleaning the bathroom because I make sure to scrub and mop extra hard and fast to get my heart rate up. If you know you want to count cleaning, try to make an effort to get your heart rate up and keep it up.

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7/16/13 8:47 P

Spark already includes an allowance for typical daily non-exercise activities, so to include these would be to double count.

Also, while any activity is good, these activities typically don't get your heart rate up on a sustained basis, and are a poor substitute for more exercise.

Tracking these as 'exercise' may give you a misleading sense of how active you really are.

Of course, there are exceptions. Things like heavy scrubbing, raking leaves in your yard, etc do have many of the characteristics of cardio, and if they really are getting your heart rate up and are outside your normal routine, then there may be merit in tracking them.

These are listed in the tracker - try 'gardening', 'raking lawn', 'heavy cleaning'.


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7/16/13 5:17 P

Yep, both of those things are in the tracker.

I don't count cleaning unless it is the sort of thing where I am moving furniture and sweating buckets. Daily dishes and tidying I don't count at all.

I wish that there was a light vs. heavy gardening option. Sometimes I am just doing watering and light weeding, other times I am lifting bags of soil and building structures. Certainly these are different types of work, but there is no tracking distinction.

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7/14/13 9:57 P

Great advice and info - thanks!! Also shows that you need to look up the correct words (I had looked for "weeding").

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7/14/13 9:41 P

Yes, they're in there. Gardening is an entry (just start typing "garden" in the search box on the fitness tracker). I used it last week, and just checked now!

"Heavy Cleaning or house cleaning" is the other entry; I found it after searching for "heavy." I would NOT track this unless you're doing exceptionally unusual or difficult stuff, though; You adapt to day-to-day chores, so tracking sweeping when you sweep every day would end up overestimating your daily calorie burn.

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7/14/13 9:35 P

I have not seen how you can track cleaning or gardening activities in your Fitness Tracker. Seems like these should be there. Am I overlooking them?

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