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Funny, just don't tell all those chubby fishermen that it is exercise or "work" or they'll quit. LOL As Motivated pointed out, it would really depend on what how much energy a person is putting into fishing or anything else for that matter. I've seen cooks and seamstresses running around like a chicken with their head cut off, and I'm sure they are expending energy doing that. But the actual act of cooking or sewing wouldn't burn much.

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I guess it depends on the type of fishing.

If you are fly fishing, having waded out in the river and fighting the current, or big game fishing where you really have to fight the fish to land it, or perhaps commercial fishing where bringing in nets or the like is genuine physical work, then potentially you could burn plenty of calories.

But if you are just sitting next to a rod, well, all you are doing is ... sitting.

Also, Spark's activity tracker assumes continuous activity. Depending on how far you went, etc, a 3 hour fishing expedition may only involve 90 minutes active fishing, with the rest of the time just sitting as you transit to and from the fishing spot, etc.


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2/6/12 3:40 P

Hi team,

I've been fishing more than a few times on our boat. Yesterday was one of them. Fishing is in the calorie tracker, and says that you burn heaps!
Can someone help to explain why this is? It seems so weird, all I do is kind of sit on the boat lol


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