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6/26/14 1:01 A

Very helpful blog Indeed!

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6/25/14 7:26 P

Here's a blog you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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6/25/14 6:07 P

Yoga or pilates don't really raise your heart rate enough to be considered cardio exercise. Are they good for stretching, relaxation, and a little bit of strength? Absolutely. But because it doesn't really elevate your heart rate, there's no good way to get an accurate calorie count.

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6/25/14 4:13 P

Hi there, first time posting here! I started my journey to get healthy. I have found I love love love yoga but am having problems finding an "accurate" number for calories burnt.

I have a 90 minutes beginner yoga class today, and while MyFitnessPal says I'm only gonna burn 287 calories, Sparkpeople says I will be burning 450+. Does anyone know of an accurate way to measure calories burnt during yoga/pilates? And if not, which app is more realistic at "guesstimating" the correct amount of calories burnt. I use both to cross reference everything.

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