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9/4/12 1:46 A

Congrats on your 60lbs! That's quite an achievement. How much is left?

Unfortunately for the dieter thinking they can remain on a significant daily deficit of calories from when they lost lots of weight pretty quickly, as you get closer to your ideal weight, your body wants to lose weight more slowly. If you don't act in a way that aims for slow loss, it'll simply stop losing altogether.

The harder you try, the less it lets you lose!

You need to eat enough to let your body release the fat. If you've got less than 20-30 pounds left, you are definitely not eating anywhere near enough, especially if you're exercising.

Try setting up your weight loss goal on spark for only 1 pound per week and see what kind of a range it suggests for you - taking your weekly "Calories to burn" into consideration as well.

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9/4/12 12:57 A

In comiing up with an intake recommendation, Spark takes into account your Exercise Goals (averaged across the entire week).

So long as what you actually burn each week is reaonably close to your goals, then no further adjustment is necessary. If you do need to update your goals to reflect what you typically buen in a week, they are accessible from the LH side of the Start page.


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9/3/12 11:43 P

There are a number of articles on this site that talk to this issue. It is not just about eating a minimum. It is about eating enough to maintain your bodies needs. If you enter the calories you are burning and what you are eating the site will tell you where you need to be in calories, carbs, fat and protein. If you do not stay within those ranges you body will not consume fat, it will consume muscle. I have read a number of times here that not eating enough is as bad as eating to much. Good luck.

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Congrats on your success to date. SparkPeople's calorie range is based on your gender, current weight, goal weight, time frame you chose to meet your goal as well as any formal calories burned via exercise, therefore you do not need to eat your exercise calories back. That being said, 1200 calories is the least amount of calories a woman should consume if she has a sedentary lifestyle. The more active you are, the more calories you need to keep your body functioning properly. Remember too, the closer one gets to his/her goal weight the slower the progress may be, but that does not mean you are not making strides when there is little movement on the scale.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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9/3/12 10:26 P

I'm new to exercising on a regular basis. My question is if I eat 100 calories but burn the 100 calories in a workout, are they canceling each other out? Should I increase my caloric intake when working out? Currently I'm keeping it to 1200 (or as close to it as possible) and I have lost 60 pounds but seem to be stuck. I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer recently, but since doing this I have lost no weight at all. I'm confused!

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