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8/8/13 3:30 P

Thank you for the replies! SERGEANTMAJOR, I thought the same thing, and I'm pretty sure sparkpeople lists it as strength but it still assigns calories burned..I guess that's why they put the higher end of potential calorie burn on it, since you have a higher metabolism and continue to burn at a higher rate for a while afterward(and I do eat a high protein meal within 30 minutes of finishing the session so I know that keeps the burn going longer). Although when you are doing certain exercises like swings, you COULD consider it cardio, because you do get your heart rate up quick and maintain it throughout the session even when doing the slower exercises. (I don't use a heart rate monitor, I just do a ten-second count to make sure I have reached my target heart rate once or twice during..) I don't "eat back" my calories burned anyway so I don't worry about the exact amount. It's just that every time I log my 30 minutes in, it shows 600 calories burned and my tracker has to freak out and tell me all about how " if you're burning too many calories and not consuming enough, blah blah, it can actually hurt your weight loss, ect. " at the bottom of the page in BIG RED LETTERS. I guess that's really the only thing that bothers me :) Thanks for the replies!

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8/8/13 5:26 A

You should not be using a heart rate monitor for KB, as it is considered strength training.

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I use heart rate monitor and burn around 350 calories in 50 minutes.

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Since kettlebell workouts are normally considered strength training I have no idea why Spark would assign a calorie burn value to them. A kettlebell workout has an "after burn" component properly called excess post exercise consumption or EPOC. Since this can have a long term duration, up to 24 hours, there is no way a proper calorie value can be determined. Record it as strength training and forget any calorie value, it is meaningless.

8/7/13 6:27 P

I have been doing kettlebells for a couple weeks now and I just started tracking my workouts on the SP fitness tracker. I do 30-35 minutes each workout. For 30 minutes, the SP tracker shows 600 calories burned!! Now I do work out very hard and I pour sweat and top out my target heart rate, but that just seems crazy to me! I'm assuming that is the maximum, and not the average..I read several different places that you can burn UP TO 20 calories per minute. It just bothers me that it shows that many calories burned when I don't think it's correct.

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