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1/4/11 12:18 P

It would be so minimal it wouldn't be worth your time, now if you wanted to throw on a 40 pound weight vest you might get an extra few calories out of your cardio...

I wouldn't count the extra calories unless I had a HRM ~smiles~, and I don't use one anymore, waste of money ~smiles~, so my Polar F11 sits collecting dust ~chuckles~

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1/4/11 11:06 A

I hadn't any idea that weight vests existed; I'll have to look into this. Thank you for your input!

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1/4/11 5:19 A

Hand and ankle weights aren't a great idea for cardio, as it stresses the joints in ways they are not meant to be stressed.

If you want to add weight for walking or running, you are better off using a weight vest or backpack, which keep the weight close to your center of gravity.

You can calculate the calories by adding 2 lbs to your weight in a calculator such as
(although the difference from 2 lbs will be pretty marginal).


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1/4/11 3:51 A

I'm considering adding 1lb. hand-weights to my jogging routines. The problem is, I can't find any reliable information on how many extra calories that this burns, or how to even track it.

Does anyone else do this and have a system?

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