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4/10/12 3:50 P

Any tough cardio can result in afterburn, but realistically... the difference isn't worth attempting to track. It's impossible to guess, and depends on so many variables that it's probably included in Sparkpeople calculations anyway.

When I do bootcamp, I burn about 600-1000 depending on the individual session, based on my HRM. It's a very intense class, and I love it. The days we do more strength, the burn's a lot less.

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4/10/12 1:23 P

During a boot camp class, do you burn all those calories in that one hour of class, or do you steadily burn throughout the day? I have done boot camp before but with a different instructor than the one now and different exercises...still, I would wager to say I burned around 500 calories this morning.

Blessings, Michelle

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10/24/11 3:01 P

Looks like we have lost about the same in the same amount of time. I love boot camp too but starting to burn out. I've been doing Cardio Tennis and volleyball and love them both. Just trying to think of ways to burn the calories.

Good Luck!

2/28/11 4:04 P

You might be putting on more muscle mass as well, so if you are exchanging muscle for "fat" (which I agree at 127 lbs not sure you have much to worry about) but muscle weighs more then fat. I think you have to give your body time to adjust to a transition in activity, and it may take a couple more weeks to see results. But I would look at how clothes are fitting and be way less concerned about the scale.
Try measuring yourself, as that can be a better indicator of losing fat, even if you are not losing weight.

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1/22/11 4:04 P

Good topic of discussion. I am thinking the heart rate monitor is a good idea to help track calorie burn.

6/16/10 11:52 P

I have the same problem! I'm doing two different 'fitness camps' a week. Monday at a gym with a personal trainer she instructs a weekly bootcamp, and a more intense workout on Wednesdays at a different gym. I'm 5'1 at 107 (not trying to lose weight just get tone!) and it makes me wonder how much calories I'm burning in actuality doing each of these workouts...I'm estimating between 400-500.

7/13/09 8:39 A

i am running my third boot camp now, so i am a little familiar with results. if you are working out on a normal basis your likely to have more strength results, greater cardio and perhaps a faster heart rate recovery.eating carbs before boot camp and protein after, drinking lotsa water and on the weekends upping your caloire intake as well as your bodu sounds like it has adjusted to 1200 calories.are you hungry, are you eating when your hungry?are you eating 5 times a day, fruit and veggies and all that. with somebody who exercises all the time and already eats resonably well it's alot harder for oyu to lose weight. but at 5.4 127 darlin you gotta look great!your in your healthy bmi, forget the scale and go for the fun, health and strengthening.

AJC8A4 Posts: 1
3/4/09 9:37 A

You are definitely not eating enough calories. You should be burning around 500 calories per session, but without enough fuel your body will hold on to everything you eat. The best way to know is to track calories in and calories out. I would recommend, it's a free website, it will calculate for you how many calories you burn on an average day, as well as how many cwalories you should eat per day based on a weight loss goal. Based on your height and weight your maximum goal should be 1 lb. per week.

3/4/08 11:13 P

Hi! Sure, I know that we all burn calories at different rates, but here's my experience with boot camp - I've been doing a boot camp program since October of last year. 1 hour a day, 5 days a week. When I first started the program, I burned between 650 - 700 calories a session (I wear a heart rate monitor). Recently, I average more in the 550 - 650 range. I burn more calories when we do more cardio and my heart rate stays higher throughout the workout.

Hope you're loving boot camp as much as I am!! Good luck!

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3/4/08 9:55 P


It's just a guesstimate, but I'd say someone your size could expect to burn about 500 calories in an hour of vigorous exercise like that. If you plan to do most of your exericise with that kind of activity, it might be worth getting a heart rate monitor, both to track your intensity and estimate your calorie burn.

I'd also guess you probably would need to increase your calorie intake a little on workout days. But a couple of weeks isn't really enough time to say for sure, since it can take your body 4-6 weeks to adjust to a big change in exercise, and during that time you may retain a little extra water and your weight loss can slow down or stop, even though you're actually losing fat.

One thing to keep in mind is that, when you're already close to your goal weight, you can't aim at losing 2 pounds per week without running into problems. There just isn't enough difference between what you need to maintain good health/proper functioning and the number of calories needed to maintain your current weight to let you take out 1000 calories per day. So, it's a good idea to set up your program based on losing about 1 pound per week instead of 2, and see what calorie range that gives you.

Hope this helps.

Coach Dean

3/4/08 5:15 P

I started a boot camp at my gym a couple weeks ago.. we do various things, such as running up stadium stairs, suicide runs, situps, planks, jumprope, and a bunch of other different things. Each sessions lasts an hour long; how many calories do you think I end up burning each session? We meet Mon, Wed, Fri, and I've been eating ~1200 cal/day. I'm wondering if this is enough calories or if I have too much of a deficit, because I haven't seen any results on the scale yet. I'm currently 5'4" and 127lbs. Thanks!

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