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GEnerally speaking, most cardio equipment can inflate your calories burn by 30%. With that said, Sparkpeople's elliptical entry can be untrustworthy. IF it's coming out below what the elliptical says, though, it's probably closer to accurate. I've found that using my HRM, the calorie count comes out pretty similar to equivalent distances on the treadmill. If I go 1 mile on the elliptical, I'll burn around 120 cals... that's about what I do on the treadmill.

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Many pieces of gym equipment (including ellipticals) are notorious for significantly overestimating calories burned.

However, ellipticals do know the specific speed and resistance settings you were using, while Spark uses just broad estimates of exercise intensity.

Unless you were using quite high speed and resistance settings, I would go with the more conservative of the two estimates.


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On my elliptical, my calories burned always are higher than what SP plugs in when I track my exercise. Is anyone else encountering this?

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