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3/14/14 12:17 P

As a nurse, I have also had pretty activity heavy jobs in the past but I never counted them as activity in my tracker because I figured that I was doing the job already WHILE I was still gaining weight.I counted it as just part of my lifestyle as suggested and then only counted extra real "exercise" in my tracker.

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3/13/14 1:45 P

Thank you both for the replies. The website was pretty helpful in getting an estimate. The majority of my time spent at work is more vigorous cleaning but the time I'm there can vary but at least I have an average of the calories I burn at work now (:

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3/6/14 6:49 A

Rather than counting this as "exercise", the more normal way to deal with this is through a "lifestyle factor".

It is generally reckoned that a sedentary lifestyle (eg. a desk job) burns around 20% in addition to your metabolism. A more physically active job like yours might burn 40% in addition to your metabolism. A physically demanding job (eg. construction) might burn 60-80% in addition to your metabolism.

Of course, if you are only working half days (eg. servicng rooms between 10 and 2), then you may need to adjust this back to 30% rather than 40%.

Take a look at the BMR calculator at
to see what your metabolism is, and what various adjustment factors might mean.


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3/5/14 10:56 P

Hi, if you go to the Fitness Tracker, and put in "cleaning" as a search term, you'll get "heavy cleaning/housework" as a result. You can enter that and it will calculate your calories burned.

One comment: I'd be careful to only put in the time you're actually vigorously cleaning (i.e. the minutes scrubbing the tub, not all the other time you're moving about in the bathroom), if you know what I mean. This will keep it from being overly inflated, as a result.

Keep up the great work!

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3/5/14 9:41 P

I work as a housekeeper at a motel. I have been able to figure out roughly how far I walk while at work but there are so many other things that I can't track. Would any one happen to have any idea of about how many calories one might burn in an hour of hard housework type of activities or a way that I may be able to figure it out?

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