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It can, over time; monitor your progress carefully. Here's a couple of links that explain why:

If I consume fewer calories than my plan recommends, will I lose weight faster?

Here's a discussion that explains Starvation Mode (what it is, and isn't): (Scroll down to Coach Dean's reply)

And lastly, a discussion that explains WHY you should not be afraid to eat more. Many people have done just that, and found that they lose more weight that way! It's important to eat enough to fuel your activity, especially if you exercise.

If it's working for now, it's not a big deal. But do realize that you need to be aware of the effect this low calorie range has on your body, and be prepared to eat more if it starts to sabotage your efforts.

And lastly, if you're having trouble meeting your minimums, then try these calorie-boosting tips to get the calories your body needs WITHOUT adding bulk.

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I have been eating this way from since treatment, before that it was ALOT less. I wasn't losing weight when I was eating less but currently I have lost some and still losing.

I appreciate your feedback. Thanks mucho!

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It's generally recommended that women get at least 1200 calories daily, because on less than that it's hard to get all the vitamins and minerals a body needs (rather than necessarily about energy needs). You're meeting at least that.

The thing is - how long have you been eating that way? You've been on spark and tracking for two whole days. Were you eating like this for the last 8 weeks? Or did you change your eating immediately on joining to "try to be healthier" and this is new?

If you've already been eating like that - have you been losing weight? Has it been at an acceptable rate? If not, then that intake clearly isn't letting you lose weight. It's more likely that eating more will work better than eating less, so it could be the too-low intake that's the problem.

If you've been losing on that ... no problem. Right?

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2/22/13 11:49 P

I am new to this site and i've been tracking my meals for two days and I know my problem is that I do not eat enough but I find it quite scary how few calories I eat.

Today ( 1257)and yesterday (1292) when my target calorie range is 1,420 - 1,770.

I won't strive to eat more because the thought of that is stressful in itself but I was wondering if this will damper my weight loss goals.

I am currently on Corticosteriods and I am also have non diabetic Hypoglycemia. ( a little history- my eating habits have gotten way better than the past where my doctor would pressure me to atleast eat a snack sized meal because I wouldn't eat much at all.) I lost 15 pounds and managed to keep it off.

I am just not a big eater but I am hoping this won't ruin my weight loss goals. How important is it to eat within calorie range?

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