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7/15/13 10:59 P

That makes sense, Thanks everyone! emoticon

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7/15/13 10:42 P

I use a heart rate monitor which, short of calculating calories burned in an actual lab, is the most accurate way to count them, even though it is still just an estimate. My calories on the HRM is normally closer to what spark says than what machine says. When I was 247, the machine was different than the HRM & spark by over 100 calories.

So, go with the lowest estimate. If you really want to be as accurate as possoble, the best thing is a HRM.

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7/15/13 5:25 P

they're all estimates. But machines are notorious for overinflating the number. Choose the lowest one.

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7/15/13 5:10 P

I'm a little confused on how much calories I actually burned, when I record the activity on this site. Everyday I use the elliptical for about 33 mins, and according to the machine it says I burned 424 calories (also due to some of the high intensity). However every time when I record it on this site, it keeps telling me I burned 348 calories, and I believe I can't find some way to change it. So which is actually truthful, the machine or this site?

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