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The suggested calorie range on your nutrition page only takes into account the calories you enter on the "Edit My Fitness Goals" page, not the activities you enter on a day-by-day basis in your fitness tracker. You should estimate how many calories you burn each week through cardio, and then update that number in your fitness goals. If you go under "My Trackers" to "Start" and look on the left side of the page, there is a red bar graph for "My Calories Burned" and a "Change" button underneath. Click change, scroll down to the option for how many calories you burn WEEKLY, THROUGH CARDIO, enter your best estimate and then hit submit. This will update your caloric goals on your nutrition page (if a change is needed). Your calorie estimate on the nutrition page will also reflect your weight and goal weight that you entered (check the blue bar under the red one on your start page).

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The following link should help you have a better understanding.

Coach Nancy

1/21/12 9:54 P

Does anyone know...

Lets say I ingested 1500 calories today, and then I went to the gym and ran like crazy and "burned" 1000 calories. To my body, is it as if I've only eaten 500 calories? And if so, is the suggested calorie intake that my profile has given me what I should be eating regardless of how much I exercise? If I exercise A LOT, do I need to eat more to compensate?

Thanks so much!

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