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3/21/13 5:36 P

Thanks for the info!

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3/21/13 4:58 P

Men and women burn exactly the same calories if everything is equal. There is no difference due to men having more testosterone. If you look at the equations for energy usage (i.e. walking, running, stair climbing, bicycle) developed by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) you will not find gender in them at all. These are the equations that everyone uses for determining calories burned.

Now if you want to know the differences outside of the obvious, women have a smaller hearts, a few ml less of blood, lower lung capacity, and generally higher body fat percentage. None of this impacts calories that are burned via exercise, however they will limit the level of exercise that you are capable of attaining. Having said that Men due to larger muscle mass, tend to burn more energy at rest than women do (remember Muscle burns fuel, fat doesn't).

As for the HRM, they estimate that due to what I listed above that you won't be able to do the same level of exercise if you HR is the same as your husband's, so if his HR is at 140, you performing the same activity would have a HR of 154. If you are really interested in your real output, look up the equations and calculate it yourself.

LOTUS737 Posts: 2,489
3/18/13 10:03 P

Thanks for the feedback all; it was 3.27 mi in 40 min on the elliptical doing intervals levels 5-6 (including warm up and cool down) as well as 50 min of strength training and stretching.

i prefer to underestimate rather than over estimate! i just wanted to make sure i wasn't too far off- the range i provided is in line with what i would expect to burn. i find that spark tends to overestimate compared to my hrm.

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3/18/13 7:34 P

Most of the difference between what men and women burn is due to differences in total weight. If you assume identical body weight, the difference attributable to different muscle mass is fairly small.

But I am curious as to why, having found a statistic of 10% (of whatever reliability), you then want to cut 13-19% off the total?


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3/18/13 5:56 P

Hi LOTUS737,

As Heather pointed out men tend to burn more calories because of their higher lean body mass, however, I caution people not to get too caught up in the percentages, because age and current level of fitness come into play too. And remember HRM are just an estimate of calories burn. What does SparkPeople's calorie calculator estimate your calories burn?

Coach Nancy

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3/18/13 5:35 P

What activity were you doing, and for how long?

Men do burn more than women because of their increased muscle mass, but there's no real easy way to convert that, since it's so individual.

LOTUS737 Posts: 2,489
3/18/13 5:27 P

Assuming they weigh the same and exercise at same intensity/etc, does anyone have a reasonable estimate of the difference in calories burned? I found a stat that said 10% less for the woman, but I am not sure- basically I borrowed my hubby's HRM since mine is out of commission and forgot to change it from M to F... it says I burned 800; I am thinking 650-700 is more accurate? Any input? Thanks in advance :)

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