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7/5/13 10:43 P

I read somewhere that walking in water for a half hour is the same as walking for 2 hours. I'm sure there are a lot of variables, but that is significant.


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7/5/13 4:06 P

I use 'treading water' for my fitness ponts. I 'water walk' most lengths, but I also swim some and take a little time to do water exercises for arthritis. I figured this was the closest 'fit'.

5/19/13 12:23 A

Does anybody know the formula to figure it if you weigh more?

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6/14/12 1:11 P

Water-walking or jogging burns 563 calories per hour if you weigh 155 pounds, and 654 calories an hour if you weigh 180 pounds. Water-running burns 11.5 calories per minute in comparison with running on land, which burns about 8 calories per minute, according to The Sunday Times.

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1/24/12 11:28 P

i used "swimming/general" to track my pool walking today, i did do some swim laps in there as well so i thought that would be about right. glad to see i am on track with what other people have guessed it at.

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7/21/11 9:32 P

do you estimate the calories though. How do you track it on the work out tracker?

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6/4/11 10:55 A

I love water walking! I try to change it up a bit by doing exagerated movements with my legs. I try to mimic the Nutcracker match while in the water, and it gives me a heck of a workout! I also stand in the water and do jumping jacks.

After every 10 laps, I hold on to the side of the pool, and kick my legs as fast as I can for 60 seconds

The calorie burn sounds about right at 400 (ish) but I think for me, that is about 45 mins to an hours worth.

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6/4/11 12:22 A

I think somewhere between 400-450 calories for a half hour for your weight. We are very close in weight and I just found an article and tried to break it down for my weight.

2KITSMUM Posts: 18
3/29/11 2:26 P

Does anyone know how many calories are burned by walking in a pool? The pool is 3.5 feet deep, dipping to 4 feet in the middle. I walk forward and backward, using a kids' kickboard for balance (I just rest my hands on it in front of me, since I have very poor balance.). I tried jogging in the pool, but can't keep my balance and my feet keep going out from under me, so I guess walking will have to do. I can't find any info on calories burned except deep water jogging and that certainly is not helpful to me.


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