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9/11/12 1:16 P

One thing you might realize is that the reason you have days where you go over is because of the days where you barely eat. Your body is hungry and when you don't feed it one day it may overcompensate the next. So - eat to your calories, and see if that helps with the physical hungers.

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9/11/12 11:16 A

I've found the same thing. I love the nutrition tracker - especially the summary at the end of the day. It gives you a clear visual picture of where you spent your calories breaking it all down by fat, protein & carb consumption. It definitely helps in showing your areas that need improvement. In the beginning, when you're just learning, it's amazing at how much you're truly eating!

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9/11/12 11:10 A

Tracking teaches you a lot about your habits, and teaches you what your trouble spots are. Just as it's important not to go over, it's just as important to aim for your minimums! Your body needs fuel, and shortchanging it won't help you lose weight.

9/11/12 10:25 A

I have been absolutely amazed at the range of calories I consume since I've started tracking. Not only do I go WAY over sometimes, but others I'm barely eating anything and end up just around 600 calories a day. I guess this will end up being a good thing where I can balance out my calories throughout the day.

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