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10/13/12 12:16 A

I didn't see a tracker so don't know your current weight. I looked at your Spark page and didn't see any indication of your weight or how much you are trying to lose. Without those key bits of information, it's pretty difficult to determine if your calorie range is correct for you. The range you are given doesn't seem excessively high to me. If you are having a hard time eating that much, you might want to run your report and look at each section. Usually suggestions are given for foods that can add calories without adding a lot of extra volume of food (dried fruit and nuts are good suggestions). We need to focus on a healthy diet first and foremost. Eating adequate calories and nutrients is far more important than cutting down on calories for weight loss. We are working toward a healthy lifestyle--not just a temporary diet to lose a certain number of pounds. Stick with it for awhile and give yourself a chance to adapt to the range. There is so much that SparkPeople can offer you. I'm sure you'll do well in the long run if you just don't give up. Hang in there and make the commitment to track daily and blog at least once a week. emoticon emoticon

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10/12/12 11:41 P

Hi JADOMB - Thank you for your feedback and thoughts! I am just starting this process and have a long way to go; but I like your advice about not trying to over think it right now and to give the process time to work.

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10/12/12 9:23 P

If you're having difficulty getting into 1500 calories you should definitely research how to eat more healthy calories.

Even if we accepted that a lowered total might be okay for you while losing weight, it absolutely isn't when you're maintaining. When you have lost weight and you are maintaining a healthy weight you'll need to eat much more than 1500.

So you might as well get used to it now.

If your goal is to lose half to 1 pound a week and you don't have much weight to lose then it is a reasonable intake. If you're obese, you can certainly set yourself up to lose faster (and eat less) and cope well. But if you're not, that would be too big a daily gap between needs and intake.

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10/12/12 9:07 P

Without knowing ALL the info, it is hard to really say. But, that is not a very high range for someone that is making sure they are accurate and balanced, and that have a good cardio and ST plan in affect. Any lower than that and you would go too low if you were very active or working out. So you may want to go with it for awhile before trying to out think it.

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10/12/12 8:51 P

I believe that is what I did when I joined and set up my goals originally - that is the range that was provided to me. But unless I have a day where I'm eating a lot of "junk" I'm having a hard time getting into that range. Should I adjust my goals? Thanks for the feedback!

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10/12/12 8:41 P

Did you set your weight loss goals and fitness so that the nutrition tracker can adjust your calories needed to be accurate?

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10/12/12 8:37 P

I'm wondering if the calorie range recommended of 1500 - 1800 calories a day for me is too much if I'm trying to lose weight? I would appreciate any guidance or thoughts - thank you.

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