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Perfect, thanks for the link too!!!! :)

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Yes, it's figured with that in mind. Here's why there's a range, and how all the numbers work:

You have a range so you can experiment within it, and figure out what works best for you. I've made all of my progress so far generally eating from the middle to top of my ranges (most days near the top!)

Many people find success eating at the top of their range on workout days, and the bottom on non-workout days.

Remember that your body's not a calculator; even when all the numbers add up, sometimes the results don't. :) Give yourself breathing room! That's why SP has a range; other factors enter into the equation that can't be accounted for.

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8/29/13 12:41 P

Hi everyone!

Forgive me if this is posted somewhere else on this board, but I have a question about the calorie range Sparkpeople set for you based on your pounds-per-week goal you set.

Mine is set for a goal of 1lb/wk. I factored in NO exercise since it adjusts itself when you do workout, and so my range is 1440 - 1790. Well, that's a 350 calories difference. If I ate 1790 every day, I'm still within my calorie range but at the end of the week, I'd eat 2,450 more than if I ate at the low end every day. That's almost a lb difference right there.

So is the calorie range figured so that you can eat at the high end every day and STILL hit your "lbs/wk lost" goal, or is it figured so that you need to be as in the middle of your range as possible to lose your goal (or offset a higher day with a lower one)?

It's not been an issue, I just got thinking about it and now I can't stop obsessing about it. LOL

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