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11/30/12 10:33 A

ok thanks. thats what i wanted to hear :)

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As above, Spark takes your weekly Exercise Goals into account in coming up with an intake recommendation. If burning 200 calories is consistent with your Goals (and it sounds like it is), then no further adjustment is necessary. Averaging across the whole week means you aren't constantly adjusting your intake up and down depending on exercise, which makes it easier to build healthy eating habits.

It depends a bit on individual circumstances, but for most people, it typically takes a weekly intake total of between 2000-3000 to trigger an increase in your recommended intake.

Bottom line: it sounds like you are fine and don't need to change anything.

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11/30/12 8:20 A

I still don't really get it. I do follow the program spark set up for me and my exercise is accurate. It's like burn 1500 a week or something. My calorie range is still 1200-1550. Even with that amount of exercise. So eating 1200 and burning 200 seems to me to be in the acceptable range of the program spark has me on. Is it acceptable or not? I'm only 5'0. Does that make a difference? I'm still confused.

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11/30/12 6:49 A

In coming up with an intake recommendation, Spark has already taken into account the exercise set out in your Exercise Goals (averaged across the whole week). 200 extra calories in a day is not something that requires adjustment - Spark doesn't work on the basis of "net calories".

Of course, if you were going over by 200 calories 6 days a week, then you may want to update your Exercise Goals (accessible from the LH side of the Start page) to more closely reflect what you are burning.


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11/29/12 9:58 P


You do not subtract your calories expended from your calorie range. That is not how SparkPeople sets up your program. However, 1200 calories is the least amount of calories a woman should consume and not eating enough to support normal biological functions, active daily living activities and formal exercise may lead to a slower loss or a plateau as your body may begin to conserve the calories you are consuming.

Coach Nancy

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11/29/12 9:53 P

If I eat 1250 calories and then I burn 200 more during my workout at night, is it better to have a snack at that time of night? Or not eat even though that means my net calories will be under 200?

Sorry if this is the kind of thing that gets asked all the time.

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