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1/14/13 4:25 P

My initial response would be that something is entered incorrectly--or not as you have planned.

wrong weight, height, slow weekly weight loss goal.

If you share this info, I can check (e-mail me privately if you wish)

are you breastfeeding
what is your usually planned exercise

Dietitian Becky

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1/14/13 4:20 P

Are you still breastfeeding? That might be part of why you are or should be looking at a higher calorie intake.

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1/14/13 4:17 P

That does seem like a lot, but do you work out a lot? 1200 calories is usually only appropriate for people who are inactive, and getting closer to their goal weight. 2,000 calories is close to maintenance for most people, but if you're exercising a great deal, it may be you need that much to fuel your exercise!

It's very difficult to say what might be appropriate for you, since you aren't sharing much about your program. How much are you burning each week? What is your current weight loss per week goal? What's your target weight?

When I first got started here, I was working out a LOT. I'm talking burning 2500 calories a week, easily. (I was overtraining, too, by the way.) My calorie range was 1900-2100... and yes, I lost weight. :)

If you are having trouble meeting your minimums, then SP has some great calorie-boosting tips here:

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1/14/13 3:24 P

I was suprised that I could have up to 1500 a day (5' 3", 146lbs) I have 1400 though, I actually find it difficult eating over that!

I used to hate eating 1200, always hungry...I've lost almost a stone so far so I can't be going wrong!

1/14/13 3:21 P

Hello everyone!
So, I just changed my goals. I didn't meet my goals last year on account to me having had an (unexpected) baby! Once I changed my goals, my calorie intake went up to over 2,000 a day. WOW! That seems like a ton, since I was doing about 1200 and most days I wasn't able to eat the right amount that I needed to. Does that seem like a lot of calories to you & will that sort of defeat the purpose? And, I wouldn't be here if I wasn't serious. It just seems like a lot to me!
Thanks everyone!

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