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2/4/12 4:30 P

Also, keep in mind that the words "week" and "plateau" have no business hanging out together in the same sentence. Plateaus are measured in months, not weeks. It's perfectly normal to go a few weeks without a loss, or even to gain a tiny bit now and then. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong; it's just because of the fact that your body's calendar doesn't have weeks or days. Your body sees everything in terms of 28 days at a time. Count back 28 or 56 days and compare your weight now to your weight then. Those are the only comparisons that really mean anything. It's nice to see changes on a weekly basis, but those changes are mostly coincidence.

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2/4/12 2:12 P

"Less is better" huh? Let me introduce you to some friends... (don't worry about the weird short address, it just brings up a google image search - it's safe.

Less is not better. There are limits. Undereating while overexercising is NOT healthy.

You need to eat more. Try it out. And please give it at least 6 weeks. Often, if you've been habitually undereating, the immediate first response of the body to a more normal intake is to put on a little weight initially. Of course, this freaks out some people who immediately reduce back down and then claim "I gain weight on anything more than 1300 calories". You just need to get past that initial gain (if it even happens) and you will start losing.

You know that you were maintaining on 2,000 right? So anything less than that is still loss, right? So say 1500 - that should be still low enough to force loss - a pound a week if 2000 is maintaining. So it shouldn't be so scary to try that. If you weren't gaining on 2,000 you won't gain on 1500.

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2/4/12 1:34 P

I would suggest 1,200 calories with an overly active lifestyle is a potential hazard.

If you are dieting, and void of sugars (carbs), I am surprised you are not really tired.

A very active woman should lose proficiently on as much as 1,700.


LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
2/4/12 1:23 P

I think the best you can do is just tell yourself to get over whatever mental block you have against eating over 1200 calories and eat a bit more. Ideally you'll be eating close to what your maintance amount will be at your goal weight and exercise level and will just slowly coast into the goal need to take calories down the the min. You need to learn how to eat normally without counting too.

SQUIGGLE12345 Posts: 107
2/4/12 12:07 P

Thanks for your input, it seems like we really are in the same place! lol. I am trying to actively eat more, its just so hard to wrap my brain around - I know it makes sense, but I can't get out of my thinking that less is better no matter what the experts say. I also feel like stress might be having an effect, between issues at work, health issues of friends and family, and my up coming move to a different state I am massively stressed. I ended up skipping my workout last night (I work 4-12 and have been going to the small gym at work after work at midnight the last few weeks) because I was just exhausted. When I weighed in this morning I weighed 155.0, which was a 1.5lb loss, I just don't trust that thats a real weight lol.

SKINNYJWO10 Posts: 511
2/4/12 9:22 A

WOW! It's like you're IN my head hearing my thoughts. Similar story for me (see my ticker) - lost 80lbs hitting goal weight 3.5 years ago. Fertility issues have me losing and gaining the same 15lbs for the last 3 years. I'm in the exact position you are in. I'm also jogging, biking, walking and doing taebo (burning about the same as you). My range is also 1200-1550.

So the first few weeks of January NO loss for me either eating close to 1200..So these last 2 weeks I decided to actually do what Spark TOLD me to do and eat in my range. I mean, we are working out hard, eating 1200 calories and nothing is happening so really what why NOT try eating more? It's scary I know but if you aren't losing eating 1200 you certainly cant DECREASE your intake, the only thing left to do IS to increase it.

I've actually been staggering my calories eating all different ranges during these last 2 weeks (staying in that 1200-1550 range) but then on sat/sun upping my calories a bit so that it "averages" out over the week (7 days) to be about 1350-1450 per day. Does that make sense? Well after 2 weeks of this (and me panicking because i wasn't seeing results on the scale) today I'm 1.5 pounds lighter. I firmly believe with my exercise I was creating a tad TOO MUCH of a deficit by only eating 1200 calories. You need to "fuel the machine"..even if you aren't feeling that you physically NEED more (i'm never hungry).

I know it's scary to eat MORE. Take it slow. Trying eating 1300-1350 for a week and see if that makes a difference. Every "body" is different. That's WHY Spark gives us that "range." some will lose faster/easier if they eat towards the lower end of the range and some will lose faster eating towards the top end of the range. either way, that range is specifically created for YOUR body to create a deficit causing you to lose weight, no matter WHERE in the range you are eating.

I know every year when I go from maintaining back into the "losing" phase it takes a few weeks to actually SEE movement. Since it's been a few weeks for you, I would suggest eating more for sure! Give it a try, what can it hurt? :)

SQUIGGLE12345 Posts: 107
2/3/12 10:42 P

Hey all, I am sure this has been asked a 100 times, so I'm sorry for the repitition. I have lost about 75lbs with Sparkpeople over the last 4 years - most of it done the second half of 2010 into 2011. Unfortunately I have let myself slip over the last 6-8 months and gained back about 13 lbs. So, I am trying again to loose that weight plus an additional 15 (~30 total ). I started over at 163 and currently weigh about 156 - the 7 lbs was lost over about 3 weeks. However, I am plateauing here. My weight has stayed the same for about a week and a half now. The first time I lost this weight I also stalled at this weight.

I wear a heart rate monitor when I work out and average 1500-2000 calories burned a week, I alternate right now between step arobics, jogging, and using the elliptical. I also do about 10 minutes of strength training after each cardio session. Spark people has me eating between 1,200 and 1,550. I generally try to stick to the 1,200 though. I drink a gallon of water a day.

I really don't understand why I stall at this weight, and I am petrified to eat more than 1,200 calories a day. When I am not counting it is nothing for me to eat 2,000+ a day - but for some reason I cannot make myself eat over 1,200 calories when I am making the effort to track. Any insight into what I could do to help me bust through this plateau would be very helpful.

How do you guys up your calories in a healthy way? Will increasing my calories help me loose? Changing my workouts is not really an option for me right now as I do not belong to a gym and am in the process of moving in 3 weeks, once the move is complete I will be joining a new gym and will be able to do all the classes I used to love doing.

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