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4/26/13 11:55 A

Well, maybe I spoke too soon. I weighed myself on Monday morning and I weighed 180.2 lbs. I weighed myself again this morning and I weighed 176.4. So maybe I'm doing something right.

Thanks for the info nonetheless.


4/26/13 7:36 A

Realize that you have just started on this journey.
When I entered your information, using a 2 pound weekly weight loss goal---the calorie range I received was: 1500-1850.

So you may be eating too many calories to see the weekly weight loss you are expecting. I suggest you cut back to about 1600-1700. Monitor how you are feeling, your energy, and your weight loss.

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4/25/13 10:37 P

Becky, thank you,

Yes, I'm male; I turn 45 on May 3rd; I'm 5' 7" and I weigh 180 lbs. My SP calorie range is 1930-2280. Since I started this last week, my daily calorie intake has been between the hi 1800 to the low 1900's. I've only been in the range on 1 day with 2037 calories.

I walk about 50 minutes Monday through Friday at about 3.0 mph. I also play competive racquet ball for about 45 minutes which comes out to 834 calories burnt off.

I am 5 lbs over my recommended weight but I'm not over concerned with losing weight. I'm just curious as to why I'm not losing any weight since I'm not reaching the lower range scale of my calorie range and I'm doing a lot of cardio.

Thanks again and I'm looking forward to your help.


4/25/13 6:09 P

I would also like to see some more of your specific information, so I can give more helpful suggestions.
I assume you are male?
SP calorie range:
average daily calorie intake

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4/25/13 4:03 P

You're thinking of starvation mode, and yes it's real; It is important to get your minimums to ensure you meet your nutritional needs based on the am ount of activity you do. If you scroll down to Coach Dean's response in this thread, it will explain what it is (and isn't!)

Remember that fat and carbs are not to be avoided; healthy fats are a vital part of your diet, too. WE have gotten wrapped up in the idea that fat = fat and is bad, but that's not quite true.

There are hazards involved with low-fat diets:

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4/25/13 3:17 P

Thank you for the reply. How about the other part about your body storing calories if you don't consume enough? I seem to be under my recommended calorie allowance every day. I try to eat foods that are high in protein and low in fat (egg whites from boiled eggs, grilled chicken, tuna with no mayo) and I seem to be running out of food in that catagory.


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4/25/13 3:06 P

They're both kinda right, and both kinda wrong. :)

Here at SP, you set your calorie burn goals in your fitness goals, and that's taken into account. THe more you work out, the more you will be given in a range to eat. You don't "eat your calories back" and subtracting from your totals doesn't tell you anything, really.

Here's how your ranges are calculated:

You should always hit your minimums; You're not "at 1200 calories per day", unless you're eating 1200 calories. Subtracting your exercise from that number is a little pointless.

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4/25/13 2:46 P

Ok, I know this is going to sound simple but do I subtract the calories I burn from the calories I eat to get a daily total? I asked a co-worker who is really fit and does a lot of cross fit training and he said "no". He said to only concentrate of the calories I consume. Another co-worker said, I should subtract what I burn to my daily intake. I am usually under my recommended calorie intake by about 100-150 calories each day. I burn (according to the "track my fitness" option) 830 calories a day. Which puts me at about 1200 calories for the day. I'm about 5 lbs over my recommended weight and I haven't lost any weight at all. The second co-worker also said that in order for me to lose weight, I need to eat more in order to off set my calorie loss due to exercise. He further said that when I don't consume enough calories, my body will hold on to the calories in my body because it doesn't know when I'll feed it again... HELP!!!

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