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9/19/13 2:43 P

Yes, that sounds right, hate to say it. Lots of great protein and healthy fats, but also lots of calories. What drives me nuts are the snack packets of mixed nuts you can get in stores that are "2.5" servings per packet, just so that each "serving" can be listed as under 300 calories. The whole packet is generally 800 or so calories. Misleading!

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9/19/13 10:12 A

Yeah 814 sounds about right calorie wise. I love nuts too but they are super-high calorie wise.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 36,619
9/18/13 7:36 P

Nuts are very good for you, but they are also high in calories, so it is possible that 1 cup is that many calories. That entry is from the USDA database, so it is a general entry, but pretty accurate overall even though it is a general entry. I would recommend checking your specific container when you have a chance though because it is possible that yours is a bit different.

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9/18/13 11:53 A

Ok, so I love to snack on mixed nuts. I put 1 cup of mixed nuts in for my morning snack and it recorder 1 cup is 814 calories. Does that seem right? I don't have the container here with me at work....but that seems really high to me.

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