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Calorie confusion

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2/13/13 7:28 P

Calories will always be higher than your other nutrients. I may be misunderstanding your question. Your calories should always be in the thousands, and definitely will always be higher than your calories.

I think this should help you understand what's going on with calories:

Nutrition- Calorie Calculation 101

If you'd like to share your nutrition trackers, we can take look and give you suggestions on how you can keep your calories in range.

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2/13/13 5:24 P

Balance, balance, balance. It's okay to eat more calories some days than others. I don't even count calories. I just try to keep a balanced diet and not overeat, which is the more natural way to do it anyway.

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2/13/13 3:58 A

Everything is in a range. The assumption is that you'll be mid-ish in the ranges. If you are near the top of carbs, near the top of fats, and near the top of proteins, but still within those ranges, you can totally blow out calories.

For example, my range is 1850-2,220.
Carb: 208-358
Fat: 41-86
Protein: 60-154

Say I have 320g carbs, 80g fat, and 150g protein. That is within the ranges in all those macronutrients.

But it's 2,600 calories!! Well above my 2,200 ceiling.

You aren't meant to be at the top of every range, and you aren't meant to be at the bottom of every range (bottom is just as bad - that would be 1441, well below my 1850 floor).

Use all the ranges. If you're near the top in fats, for example, you'll need to ensure carbs and proteins are low-mid range in order to have calories not blow out.

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2/12/13 7:47 P

I am also really confused at the question... how can your calories become higher than your other nutrients? I don't understand... there are a set number of calories per gram of carbs, fat, protein so yes, they will always be higher than other nutrients... sorry if I am totally in left field

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2/12/13 7:25 P

erm. could you give us some numbers to help us out because i don't quite understand your question. your macros are monitored in grams, and the totals are in calories. but your calories should be the highest because they are the sum of everything else. unless i am missing something very obvious.

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2/12/13 7:21 P

Good grief! Two weeks and although I am within my range for most everything 95% of the time, it looks as though my calorie intake , especially today is high.
I don't understand this. If anything I would have thought the carb intake would have been the highest but its the actual calories!
Now, that being said...I'm fairly certain I should probably be eating more fruit and veg. But that isn't the question.
How is it that calories can become higher than all the other monitored nutrients? emoticon emoticon

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