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3/16/13 3:03 P

Yeah, Heather's right.

When a weight loss goal is too aggressive, the numbers end up well below the minimum so it can take quite a lot of exercise input before the range becomes responsive.

I agree that at your weight setting 1 pound a week would be more appropriate. You should have no trouble changing that - as Heather said, Spark doesn't stop you. Not sure why you think you couldn't if you tried, there should be no issue.

If you still can't - why? What happens? What did you do, and what did you get?

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3/16/13 2:40 P

You should still be able to change it. Sparkpeople doesn't lock you into any number based on what you've lost. 2 lbs a week is indeed likely too aggressive for you. Looking at your ticker, you have roughly 37 lbs to lose. That means you can safely aim for about 1 lb per week. you're not fat enough to lose 2 lbs per week. :) You can change your goals at any time by going to your start page, and clicking the "change goal" under your total lbs lost number on the left side of the page.

3/16/13 2:17 P

It's set at 2 lbs a week and it won't let me change it probably because I know I haven't been losing 2 lbs a week. I just started back but the last 3 weeks have been around 1.5 lbs, nothing, 1 lb losses around about.

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3/16/13 2:06 P

What is your weekly weight loss goal? If you have that big of a change, and the range didn't change it all, that usually means your weekly weight loss goal is too aggressive, and you may need to move your goal date out.

3/16/13 1:28 P

I was getting that nasty warning about going over my calories burned that I may need to adjust my fitness goals and since I got it last week as well I figured I should (I just joined a gym and am on my second week) and I think my default was 865 and last week I burned around 2000, this week 2300. Well I adjusted it to in the middle (can't remember off the top of my head but it was around 2150) but my calorie range for what I eat remained the same. For that drastic of change I figured there some be some sort of change. Well I played with it a little while and I found 2520 (or something like that) to be the threshold for change, and it changed my calorie range by 20 calories. So it went from 1200-1550 to 1220 - 1570. Is this normal?? This seems to have me baffled.

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