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1/22/13 2:28 A

I would just let them all put the food on their own plates or give them the smaller portions and let them know if they are hungry after they eat that then they can get more food.

What your kids need is probably going to depend on their age and activity level.

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1/20/13 2:20 P

my 12 year old son just got back from a soccer game. (he is tall and thin) I made chicken salad for lunch. our lunches were similar but different to meet our different calorie needs.

his lunch: 5 oz of canned chicken, mayo and ranch dressing (i didnt measure), 3 slices of bread, 1 clemintine, 1 banana, glass of milk, entenmanns apple pie.

my lunch: 2 oz of canned chicken, 1 cup of chopped bell peppers, celery, scallions, (he cant have crunchy veggies with his braces) 1 tablespoon of mayo with olive oil, one clemintine, side salad, one serving of campbells chicken and rice soup.

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1/20/13 1:27 P

I do what ALLIBEAR77 suggested. In my family, everyone eats the portion size they need.
We have differnent calorie needs.

If I make tacos, mine is a taco salad with lots of lettuce. The rest of the family has shells and more sour cream and cheese than me. If I make garlic bread, I may have a half of slice or none and my son may have two or three.

I often have a salad or an extra veggie with dinner even if the rest of the family does not.

The lucky charms is for the kids and husband. I have bought sandwich slims for my sandwiches and other bread for the kids.

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1/20/13 9:18 A

I would just keep making healthy food, serve yourself the appropriate portion, serve your husband the appropriate larger portion, then serve your kids "family style". Let the kids eat the amount they want, until they're full. Unless they are significantly overweight, kids tend to just eat till they're full. As long as they're eating healthy food, it's unlikely they'd eat too much for their growing bodies, and if they're eating too little, you'll hear about it (Mom, I'm HUNGRY!). I also recommend healthy, pre-portioned snacks be available for hubby and kids when they feel hungry.

1/19/13 11:33 A

So I am suppose to be eating between 1200-1500 calories a day, and my husband is suppose to eat 2500 calories. I know I am starving him because he ends up eating close to what I am eating. I also wonder if my kids are getting the calories they need. How can I give them the extra calories they need while staying within my calorie range and not sabotaging myself?

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