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2/18/14 3:33 P

I love shea butter, and I especially like it when combined with a bit of bees wax. My hubby and I used to manufacture our own line of handmade body care products, and we made a water-free body bar that was quite similar to our lip balm. Both contained really rich oils and butters, and were pretty awesome skin protection.

We sold our business a year ago, but the new owners still go by the name Millcreek Valley Farm. If you're interested, you can visit their website at:

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2/18/14 3:20 P

When my callouses start sticking up a lot, I use a corn plane to smooth them out.

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I've been using gloves when I lift so I don't think my calluses are bad. but yet, I still have some. What you might try is Vaseline. I've found petroleum jelly works extremely well for protecting my skin as well as keeping it moist.

And well, it could be genetics too. You may just be predisposed to getting more calluses on your hands than other people.

2/18/14 1:24 P

For those of you who lift, how do you manage the callous on your hands? I don't want to remove them entirely since they provide some protection, but when I shake hands with someone or touch the hubby, I know it's unpleasant for others.

I wear lifting gloves, use Amlactin lotion during the day, and heavy hand cream at night. I also use a smoothing tool to remove the scratchy peeling parts once or twice a week.

Has anything else worked for you to keep them smooth, not scratchy, but intact?

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