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RARANM Posts: 664
5/23/10 12:27 P

I wear a 38DD. In high school I did the old 3 or 4 sports bras trick during soccer and basketball. I found the Moving Comfort bras at Title 9 and it changed my life. I don't have any bounce. However, I don't buy them from there anymore because they are much more expensive through them. I either get them at Road Runner Sports and I actually found them on sale on amazon for almost half the price. The Fiona is my favorite...all of them have names as such. I like them too because as one other poster said the kind that pull over head get rolled and you stand there desperately trying to unroll the bra. These connect in the back like a regular bra with a thicker tab. In fact I am wearing one right now.

ZENA_MARIA Posts: 940
5/23/10 12:05 A

She_Smiles is very correct!!! Follow this advice! It is so true!!!

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5/22/10 3:36 P

I am struggling with the same issue; I wear a 38J. Go to a local boutique and get professionally measured. Department store reps are no help because they are told to size you based on what they offer... not what you need. A specialist can help you special order what you will need.

ZENA_MARIA Posts: 940
9/20/09 8:37 P

Doesn't it feel so much better to be wearing your real size now?

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ZENA_MARIA Posts: 940
9/20/09 8:36 P

Great advice, VEXTRESSM!!!

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9/20/09 2:59 P

I was professionally fitted, and was wearing the wrong size bra. I wear the Lunaire with underwire, very comfortable. I bought 3 and rotate. According to my fitter if you are a larger breasted woman, you should be wearing an encapsulated bra, meaning each girl has their own cup, not a uniboob. I never wash my bras in the washer, woolite in the sink. They last much longer.

9/20/09 2:51 P

Enell all the way. I'm a 36G, down from 40H. The Enell is AMAZING! They do custom bras as well if you don't fit in their size range!

LOVSSUGAR SparkPoints: (29,573)
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9/20/09 2:42 P

After reading these posts, I decided it was time for me to get a new sports bra as part of my motivation strategy. I went to the main mall and searched all over, in every sports store I could find for a non-compression sports bra, and came up empty. Then I went to bra stores, and it was the same.
I tried Lululemon, but they didn't have my size, and I wasn't really that impressed with the results of the Ta Ta Tamer.

So, I went to Sears as a last resort, and found an excellent wonderbra sports bra, with no underwire, and it keeps my girls in place! Best part it rang up to $24 including taxes!

i went straight home and started jumping (rope) for joy.

MUCKITY_MUCK SparkPoints: (8,140)
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9/17/09 11:42 A

I have to n-th the endorsements for the brand Moving Comfort's Fiona. I found it at the store Academy while shopping with a friend. I mentioned I was looking for one that has hooks b/c I hate pulling them off after a sweaty workout. She recommended the Fiona to me and I was very leary b/c the larger cup sizes didn't have underwire and [gasp] it has adjustable straps, but since my last $60 Champion sports bra became unwearable when the wire became dislodged within the layers after just 4 washes (following directions - no drying either!) I was pretty open to new things.

Can I just tell you I bought two Moving Comforts after trying it on that day and now when I reach in my drawer, I find myself searching for the MC Fiona sports bra - so I've already ordered two more in the fun colors.

KIRSTY_L SparkPoints: (11,326)
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9/17/09 10:46 A

Hi ive always been big in the chest and ive had a shock absorber for years. Used it horseriding and in aerobics and its great.

9/17/09 10:37 A

I love my Enell bra. I purchased it on It's pricy, but worth every penny.

DOVE1211 Posts: 111
9/16/09 5:41 P

I am a 38DD and I just ordered an Enell bra because I just started running.I hope it works.There was alot of good response about this brand,We'll see !!

BLEARY Posts: 340
9/16/09 5:09 P

I'm a 32G (UK size - not sure if that's the same in the USA), and can't wear compression bras either. I like the Shock Absorber B109 D+ cup max support bra.

I might try a few others listed on here though!

LOVSSUGAR SparkPoints: (29,573)
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9/16/09 5:07 P

Those compression bras are brutal. I kicked those when i hit 13 years old.
I'm a 36 DD and I have a champion bra for jump rope and high impact activities. Works great and I love the no underwire option (wich cannot be done in any other bra I wear).

I'm looking for another one though, and Lululemon has a "Ta Ta Tamer" that looks like it would work well too. That will be my next purchase.

ZENA_MARIA Posts: 940
8/27/09 8:39 A

Is everyone aware that compression is bad for breast tissue?

IGGLE82MUCH Posts: 106
8/26/09 6:53 P

Hi Oakdale41, I have to agree with some of the other comments on the 2 bra solution, I found after a lot of searching that a standard under wired sports bra in my size with a NIKE XL crop top thingy over it works best for me. The standard one holds them in place and the NIKE firms everything up by reducing the bounce, good luck in your search. emoticon

ZENA_MARIA Posts: 940
8/26/09 2:59 P

OAKDALE41, I personally think you should continue the search until you find a bra that works for you. There has to be at least one out there that offers the type of support that you need!!!

SUPERSNAZZ Posts: 1,139
8/24/09 2:03 P


Well, I'm at a loss for words! I wish you luck with your search!

OAKDALE41 Posts: 973
8/24/09 11:34 A

I actually tried the Freya yesterday and the girls were bouncing all over the place when i jumped up and down. Even the bra fitter told me it didn't work for me.

SUPERSNAZZ Posts: 1,139
8/24/09 11:20 A


I have a small band (32) and larger cup (D/E) size. The Freya bra I mentioned fits well and the girls stay still, even with running!).

It does come in smaller band sizes (28, 30) and large cup sizes (D-H).

I'm planning on ordering another one from here:

Good luck!

OAKDALE41 Posts: 973
8/24/09 10:54 A

I have been professionally fitted. And I have tried every type of sports bra. The only thing that works for me (and I am full chested and small around the back) is the Bounce control underwire cotton bra that I purchased at WalMart and a tight compression bra in size medium over top. I am not perfectly bounce free but I can do some higher impact aerobics in my home. But running??? Forget about it. They don't make a bra that I can run in. (I also tried the Enell and it didn't work).

SUPERSNAZZ Posts: 1,139
8/24/09 9:38 A

Here are my tips:

- get yourself fitted at the store. most women are NOT wearing the correct size
- choose a bra that has both a cup (A, B, C, etc) and band (32, 44, 36, etc) size. A general sized (S/M/L) bra will NOT offer the same support
- ask for privacy and jump around in the bra to gauge your comfort with it
- use a SPORTS BRA for exercise. regular bras are not designed with the proper support for vigorous activity
- accept the fact that the bra might cost more than you normally spend. you ARE worth it!
- as your weight and size changes, you will likely need new bras.
- wearing 2 bras is NOT the answer and the 2 bras will NOT provide you with the same level of support as a sports bra.
- once you know your size and brand, online shopping is your friend! you can often find bras for sale on line for much cheaper than stores.

Here's the one I love: Freya #4001.

SILENTPAWZ Posts: 2,566
8/24/09 12:25 A

I swear by anything from Moving Comfort. I have a couple of bras from them that I've had for years, and they still do the trick. I just ordered a couple of new ones from Title 9. You should be able to find something you like...they have underwires and unwired, and a multitude of different styles. I love the wicking fabrics too. The bras I have are SO comfortable, and no bouncing! I wear them for working out, horseback riding, power walking, you name it. They rock. :)

8/23/09 8:57 P

Hi Zena_Maria

Sorry I didn't reply to your post. I'd forgotten to look back at this page.

I got the bras from M&S a few years ago, but they're in perfect condition. The product no is T3307742, but I just looked on M&S's website and they don't have them any more. Without having tried it on, or looked at it out of the box, T336407 - currently on the M&S website - looks similar. It's an Extra High Impact Underwired Sports Bra, which I think was what I bought (it was a long time ago!).

Maybe check this one out? Best of luck with your search. Please let me know if you find a good M&S bra so that I can try it when I need to get a new sports bra. Thanks.

ZENA_MARIA Posts: 940
8/20/09 8:27 A

SAYHI2EVA, you still own a bra from 15 years ago? Wow! I don't even still own a bra from last year!!!

ZENA_MARIA Posts: 940
8/20/09 8:25 A

CRIMSONSKY, I just ordered an M & S sports bra from the UK. I've got to say, it's light and airy but it hardly offers much support. Which one do you wear? I bought the high impact underwired one.

SAYHI2EVA Posts: 71
8/19/09 9:45 P

I agree with most of the posters that Champion makes a good bra. I'm a 36D and I have the Champion Double Dry Action Shape sports bra. When I first tried it on in the dressing room I jumped up and down to see if the boobies would move and it was just enough support that they stayed in place and was comfortable. Also when I sweat the bra wicks away the moisture and the fact that it's made of cotton and is breathable feels great. Even though I've bought new ones the old one from 15 yrs ago still fits and looks great. Good luck with your quest to find the perfect sports bra. Hope this helps!

8/19/09 7:26 P

I'm a 36/38 and B/C and I wear M&S sports bras. I don't know if you have M&S in the US but I find these bras so comfortable even when I'm sprinting. In general, I like Reebok gear as I've got a chunky build. I've never tried their sports bras though, but they might be an idea to try.

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MRS.MELINDA Posts: 1,083
8/19/09 6:33 P

I wear a 34DD. I have one sports bra from Modern Movement that doesn't have underwires but isn't one that creates a "uniboob", and one from Lunaire that has underwires.

The underwire one keeps my girls in place and doesn't allow any bounce when I run. It doesn't rub and contains all of my boobs. The non-underwire one will allow a little bit of bounce, so I wear it to walk and not to run. It also completely contains my boobs.

STACYH347 Posts: 182
8/19/09 2:26 P

UTFT9PB - I too prefer an underwire sports bra. Not uncomfortable at all.

UTFT9PB Posts: 481
8/19/09 2:16 P

I am a 36DDD and I always wear two bras when I work out; one regular underwire bra in a slightly looser elastic than I wear for everyday with a very tight, fitted sports bra over it. This is especially helpful in aerobics class. I call the sports bra the crusher! It's also great for horseback riding. I know an underwire seems like it might be uncomfortable but I have been big-chested my whole life and it is the only thing that keeps it all in place. Plus, the underwire keeps the girls separated (no uni-boob) and the extra layer helps soak up the sweat.

ATNLADY1 Posts: 125
8/19/09 12:41 P

Getting the right fit is so important - and as someone has already posted go get yourself measured BUT make sure the place specializes in that.
A year or so ago the local JC Penneys advertised that for their special bra sale they would also have on hand a specialist to measure and make sure the ladies were getting the correct size.
I thought that was a great opportunity so I went. The woman measured me and says you would be wearing (and she tells me the size) I just started laughing - I said lady I already wear something way bigger than that and its not working so how would a smaller size benefit me?
She said well they sent us this book and that was all the instruction we got.
I was really ticked off, my personal time is limited and for something like this surely Penney';s could have afforded the real "specialist".

STACYH347 Posts: 182
8/19/09 12:31 P

This is the best site I have found for quality sports bras. Yes, they are pricey, but buy one or two and hand wash them daily if necessary and they will last a long time.

Title Nine:

JBMT08 Posts: 2,219
8/19/09 12:25 P

I use Champion - they have ones that are maximum support, and they come in your bra size...wonderful. you can order online, or I also get them at Kohls, if you have Kohls by you.

ZENA_MARIA Posts: 940
8/19/09 12:22 P

Ladies, a bra is THE most important piece of clothing a woman can own. You can just imagine how important wearing the right sports bra can be!!! Don't try and fit yourselves into ones that are too small or non-supportive. ANY SPILLAGE means that the bra is too small! I don't mean to seem overly enthused about this but really, I think I'm just enthused enough. Too many women don't know this!

Go for a professional fitting to find your ACTUAL size. 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. BELIEVE ME, it will make a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!

ZENA_MARIA Posts: 940
8/19/09 12:22 P

Ladies, a bra is THE most important piece of clothing a woman can own. You can just imagine how important wearing the right sports bra can be!!! Don't try and fit yourselves into ones that are too small or non-supportive. ANY SPILLAGE means that the bra is too small! I don't mean to seem overly enthused about this but really, I think I'm just enthused enough. Too many women don't know this!

Go for a professional fitting to find your ACTUAL size. 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. BELIEVE ME, it will make a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!

ZENA_MARIA Posts: 940
8/19/09 12:22 P

Ladies, a bra is THE most important piece of clothing a woman can own. You can just imagine how important wearing the right sports bra can be!!! Don't try and fit yourselves into ones that are too small or non-supportive. ANY SPILLAGE means that the bra is too small! I don't mean to seem overly enthused about this but really, I think I'm just enthused enough. Too many women don't know this!

Go for a professional fitting to find your ACTUAL size. 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. BELIEVE ME, it will make a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!

WATERDOG_1 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/1/09 6:33 P

I bought mine on I got their Glamorize Sports Bra (in periwinkle!) and I LOVE it! I measured myself (they tell you how on the website) and used their chart for sizing. It fits great! I'm planning on buying another for everyday use after my son is weaned. It really keeps those girls up and out of the way, and in place!

8/1/09 6:09 P

Wow, thanks for all the responses everyone! emoticon

I'm going to look in online stores for the bras mentioned. I was a little scared to do that completely on my own, because as someone else said, we just feel like we need to try things on first sometimes! However, with the good reviews you guys have given I feel a little more comfortable. It's a shame we have to go through all of this when smaller girls can just shop at Wal-mart LOL. emoticon

Oh, and as for the person mentioned an increase in bust size once having kids...I don't even want to know what's gonna happen to me. The size my mom told me she wore when she had me was just plain scary. After all of my future kids are born and grown a little, I'm treating myself to a reduction. emoticon

C_ANEMONE Posts: 837
8/1/09 6:05 P

Anything by Champion is great...not expensive either. You'd probably wear size L or XL.

8/1/09 4:35 P

Girl! I know how you feel. I have one sports bra that is a 36c but I am a 38/40 DD; I have to squish myself in and sometimes have my husband unroll it in the back; ya know how that happens sometimes when they roll up?? Ugh, but it holds them in place. I also sometimes wear two sports bra's at the same time. And get this, I lost 15lbs and went from a 38D to a the heck is that supposed to work?! LOL

Good Luck!

BIGOLEDIVA Posts: 3,562
8/1/09 4:20 P

HI- I'm a 38DD or a 40D and most sport bras i wore HURT! I hate anything that chafes! I also HATE spillover on the sides if you know what I mean! After swinging your arms for 2 hours you can be in some serious PAIN! You might not believe this - but My favorite thing is a 2pack of champion sport bras i got at costco for around 20 bucks a pair. When I'm doing something that's not as bouncy like strngth training, biking or walking i just wear one- but when I do jassercise, step aerobics, or running I wear two at a time. The only other resort would be to wear an underwire and I just can't do that working out. BTW costo has then in XL and that works fine- but I also got a similar zip up the front style also by champion from sport authority and had to special order a 2x! I'd go for the costo xl first- you can also return thm if you don't like them and they literally cost HALF what they do anywhere else...actually it was 40 for ONE at SA and 20 for TWO at costco.

BANANNA38 Posts: 252
8/1/09 3:14 P

Oh I know how you feel!!! I used to be a 36C before having a baby... Then I gained weight through pregnancy and found myself a 38DD... YIKES!!! When I was a 36C I loved Nike sports bras which I used for running and the gym. But now that my GIRLS are bigger, finding a good sports bra was tough. I finally bit the bullet and started reading reviews on line. I ordered two different types of bras from an online store (I am trying to remember the name of the store.. I just know that I picked a store that was the cheapest)... Of the two types of bras I found, one was the Enell Bra that Oprah raves about and they wear on the biggest loser. I kept it, but have only worn it twice. It feels like a straight jacket, it's hard to get into, it's hot, and it's ugly (even though I wear them under clothes I still care a little).

The other sports bra I ordered I fell in love with... It is called the "Fiona Bra" by Moving Comfort. It is comfortable and holds the GIRLS well for running, elliptical, trampoline, etc. I liked it so much that I ordered 3 more of the same bra (in different colors).

My advice is to research it a little on-line. Do a google search for sportsbras for larger chests. Check the return policy as well from the store you order from. (I could have returned the Enell Bra, but kept it as a back up). even carries them.

I must say that I was VERY hesitant ordering a sports bra on-line... I am the type that usually has to try it on before ordering something. But, having no luck finding them in the stores, I just decided that I was going to bite the bullet and do it! I am so glad I did because not having a good sports bra was holding me back from doing intense exercise... Now I feel free to concentrate on my workouts.

Hope this helps...

CONNEALS SparkPoints: (0)
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8/1/09 2:40 P

I have a Natori. I normally wear a 36DD and I wear a 36D in Natori. I also have a moving comfort. Both are available online at

8/1/09 2:15 P

Hey everyone.

I'm just going to be plain and say that my breasts are large: 36DD or 38D depending on the bra. I have such a hard time running or jumping rope because I just can't find the right support. Normally, I end up with my arms pressed way up at my chest (unconsciously) to control the bounce, and that is just not good form. Has anyone found a true solution (besides surgery) to this issue? If you have one, I would greatly, greatly appreciate it.

Thank you so much!

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