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2/12/14 3:34 P

Ladies- Thank you so much for sharing your stories. I think mom's are amazing, and how we deliver makes no difference in that! Hugs, Barbara

AMY102090 Posts: 716
2/6/14 5:28 P

With my first, the Dr felt he was going to be too large to be born naturally. The ultrasounds had him over 9 lbs! I was induced because of potential pre-eclampsia and was given Pitocin and other medications to try to put me into labor. The machine was saying I was having strong contractions, but I wasn't feeling much. I wasn't progressing, so my dr wanted to do a C-section. They tried 7 times to get the spinal in, but couldn't... so I was put completely out. I really hated that. But, it took them 7 attempts to get my IV started (my veins run from needles... lol). My son was 6 lbs 10 oz and 18 3/4" long. He was 2 weeks early. I now feel the dr rushed that decision, but he's healthy and there were no problems.

With my second, we decided to plan the C-section. Again, it took them 7 attempts to get the IV going, but it only took 2 attempts to get the spinal to work. So at least I was awake for it! Wild experience! I didn't heal very well this time and had some issues with my incision and still do have, but otherwise, it went fine. My dr also felt the baby was going to be over 9 lbs... she was 7 lbs 12 oz and 19" long. She was a week early.

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1/27/14 12:52 P

It's amazing what others feel okay telling people about how to live their lives. Every situation in childbirth is unique and there is no universally "right" way to do it. In my case, I was induced due to pregnancy induced hypertension and a large for gestational age baby. During labor my son went into distress twice. The second time they called a code on him. After 12 hours of labor, very little progress, a couple of episodes of distress,a fetal code and crash cart, a csection was a huge relief. In the end the only important thing was that my son was born healthy. If anyone EVER wanted to tell me that I did something wrong by saving my and/or my child's life I would have a HUGE problem with that!!!!

CHRISTINAMM0580 Posts: 186
1/27/14 11:29 A

Wow, 10 c-sections. Amazing! I was scared to go for 4 kids. I have 2 now and thought I would have to get my tubes tied when I have the next (hopefully next year), but now you give me hope that I can have 4 kids.

CRYSUNSHINE714 Posts: 23
1/25/14 2:50 P

I really don't know why anyone would say a C-section is a fake birth. I had an emergency C-section. My daughters heart rate dropped dangerously low and she needed to get out. I was petrified! I was in full labor felt every pain and pressure. I had an awesome doctor. I asked not to be tied down or knocked out and he listened to me. My husband listened to everything and tried to keep me calm. I just remember listening to my heart beat to keep myself calm and praying that she was going to be ok. Thank god she was a happy, healthy, beautiful little girl. The recovery was horrible. I ended up having an allergic reaction to the tape on my back. I was freaking out saying I was itchy and everyone told me it was a side affect of the medicine and I wasn't using enough paid meds. I only used the medicine when I really needed it. I hate taking any kind of medicine. So when they came to remove the tubing from my back they discovered this horrible, bleeding, blistery rash under the tape. All I could say was I told you so. I also hated the idea that I was pretty much incapacitated for 8 weeks. My stomach is still numb in places. My leg I also lost some feeling but that finally came back. I felt jealous of the woman who had natural births and were in and out of the hospital. I was there for a week. Than I actually thought about it and as long as my little girl was happy and healthy that is all the mattered. Everyone else can kiss my butt! LOL... My husband and I are discussing having another child. Just curious if anyone else had a second C-section and how was the recovery?? I'm worried about having a toddler and trying to recover. I do have a awesome husband who will be there to help but once he needs to go back to work will I be able to deal. I'm 32, will be 33 in July, so the clock is ticking to make this decision. I've always wanted to have two children. I believe that children need siblings to grow up with. Well enough rambling...LOL. If anyone can answer my question about the second C-section that would be great! Thanks a million!!!

77PINKLADY Posts: 612
1/20/14 3:22 P

My daughter was a c-section delivery in 1999. It was an emergency c-section due to breach positioning. However they didn't discover she was breach until I was ready to push. I felt "ripped off" because I felt I already done all the hard work and didn't get the delivery experience I was expecting. Instead of that moment they had you that red, wrinkly crying bundle of joy, c-section mom get strapped to a board and a glimpse of their baby as it is swept off to the nursery. I remember struggling to stay awake and get the feeling back in my legs so I could leave recovery and see my baby. By the time I got to the room 7 other people had help and kissed my baby. SEVEN!! At that moment that didn't matter but as time went on it bugged me. Not to mention the pain afterwards. Ugh! I thought I was dying! So I decided very early on that I would attempt a VBAC with my second child. He didn't come along until 2005 but at my very first appointment I told the doctor I wanted a VBAC.His tone with me completely changed and he actually seemed mad. Went on and on about signing a consent form and acknowledgment that that wasn't his recommendation. Blah blah blah. Fortunately there was another doctor in the practice who felt I was a perfect candidate for a VBAC because I had progressed so well with my first delivery. She was just coming out the wrong way. I had a wonderful VBAC delivery with my son. A VBAC may not be right for everyone and its for each woman to discuss with her doctor. But neither way is the "easy way". There is no easy way for women to give birth. That's ridiculous that another woman would feel that way. I bet those are the same moms who criticize non-breastfeeding moms too-without any consideration as to why she's not. There are medical reasons for that too. Any way...rant over. Thanks for reading!

BEHAPPY24-7 Posts: 30
1/4/14 3:10 P

My first one almost 6 years ago was an emergency C-Section, my 2nd one was a planned C-Section and I was up walking the very next day! My first one seemed to take forever to heal but my second one was a breeze. Although I did too much too quickly since I had the toddler. My incision split opened! Good luck! Personally I love the C-Sections!

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12/15/13 1:42 A

I'm pregnant my Dr gave me the option to have a c-sec but I haven't scheduled it. My last c-sec seemed to take forever to recover. I was in the hospital a week and took about 8 weeks for me to begin to feel like myself, my stomach always feel numb where my c- sec scar is. I want to try a vag birth b/c I have a toddler. It def was not a fake birth for me, ignorance is bliss. I was so angry how some vag birth moms could leave one day after giving birth, I couldn't even get out of bed emoticon

MARGOLIS Posts: 86
12/13/13 10:56 P

I had my daughter via C-section in September 2012 due to her breech presentation. I don't feel scarred or less attached to my daughter because I didn't deliver her vaginally. I DO think that a lot of other things could have been done on the part of my care providers to help me achieve the birth I wanted. I had to do my own research and suggest an external version to them. If I had stayed silent, I would have left my 32 week appointment with a date for a scheduled C-section.

I think there is too much of an emphasis on scheduling a C-section for whatever arbitrary reason the OB has come up with. I also dislike that a lot of doctors take the stance of "once a C-section, always a C-section" when that absolutely does not have to be the truth. If I recall correctly, over half of vbac attempts are successful and more could be successful if the doctors would allow things to progress on their own timeline.

One of the OB groups in my area recently changed their policies to say that any women with a BMI above 50 is required to have a c-section. Now I'm not anywhere near that, but the fact that they can declare that you can't even *try* to birth your baby vaginally because of you weight just blows my mind. Birthing is something I DO to bring my own child into the world, not something that someone else gets to call all the shots.

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12/12/13 9:39 A

I have two boys, both were c-sec. The first was an emergency c-sec because he turned breach at the last minute and I choose to do the second a c-sec as well. I had one friend give me a hard time about it to the point where I had to tell her to mind her own business.

MICHELLEFROST SparkPoints: (0)
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12/3/13 9:10 A

i've had to normal births and an emergancy c.section. i was more scared with my section then my normal births. i've now got 4 lovely boys kayden 11 (normal) steven 7 (normal) alex and ashley 3 (identical twins emergancy c.section). the only thing i would change is not having stitches with my section. i had staples and these were really painful.

LEZASEDAI Posts: 412
11/29/13 10:41 P

I'm so sorry for your loss. He was a beautiful baby.

EBBUNNY SparkPoints: (3)
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11/11/13 11:15 A

I just recently had a c-section on 9/9 and was told from now on that would be how I would need to deliver due to complications with my cervix after being treated for cervical cancer. I was overweight when I got pregnant and knowing that I will always have to have a c-section I want to be at my best. I lost my son- so I'm desperately trying to get into shape so I can be ready for when I'm cleared to have another child. Any tips about getting abdominal strength would be well accepted. Looking forward to learning more about this as I move forward with this journey into being healthy as well as getting to be a mom.

SOL13MG SparkPoints: (1,488)
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11/6/13 3:53 P

I had my first baby girl 8 months ago through a c-section and I have been told that women that have a c-section don't suffer. Which I disagree I was in labor for 14 hours and had to undergo an emergency c-section.

STEELERGURL SparkPoints: (28,098)
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9/30/13 7:35 P

I have 1 little girl who is now 9 years old and is the love of my life. I had her by C-section. I had planned a natural birth but after 10+ hours of labor my heart rate rose sky high and my daughters went really low, they knocked me out and rushed me into the OR and took her. My best friend gave me a hard time about having a C-section cause she had her kids naturally. Called me a "virgin". Yeah I would have preferred not to have been scared outta my wits worried about my unborn baby.

HUGGINGJOY Posts: 7,685
9/11/13 3:24 P

Thank you for all of the responses! It is very interesting to hear someone else's stories.

I did indeed have 10 C-sections. My doctor did not have a problem with it. I never had any problems. I know the risk for complications does rise, but it rises for vaginal deliveries too. Hugs, Barbara

LONESTARLISA SparkPoints: (55)
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9/10/13 3:25 P

I had a C-section with my second child. It took about 8 full weeks for me to even begin to feel up to a low key workout. All I would suggest is slow and steady on everything...if it hurts, STOP and try something else. walking and low impact exercises should help a lot. swimming, yoga, etc.... hope this helps and congrats

CRAZYLETTE2013 SparkPoints: (1,826)
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9/9/13 11:24 A

I just had a c-section 6 weeks ago and its hard to do some things to help me loose weight. What can i do that's safe?

9/8/13 8:35 P

After the birth of my oldest son, I was ask if I felt less of a woman because I had to have a c-section. I was only 20 when I had him. Even being a young mom I was smart enough to know without surgery, me or my son or both would have likely not survived. I "failed to progress" after 12 hours of induction and he was 2 weeks late I had not progressed at all. So, to answer her question, no I didn't. I was in a small hospital and I was put under just like any other surgery. My second son was also delivered c-section. After he was delivered the doctor told me we made the right decision because my scar from the first c-section had started to separate and my uterus would have ruptured if I had tried to push. People are crazy! Thank God for modern medicine, good doctors and good nurses. I feel blessed to have 2 healthy boys and no long term ill effects from their births.

CKATRUN2012 SparkPoints: (1,285)
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9/8/13 7:48 P

I have one child and had to have her through C-section. In my situation, I had gone in for my weekly appointment and the Dr. tried to hook up that machine on my belly to hear the heart beat and they were having problems finding it. So they decided to do an ultra sound to see what was going on. They sent me home and I wasn't nervous because they found baby everything was fine, but two hours later my Dr called me and said they had sent to US to a specialist at a bigger hospital 45 minutes away and he recommended that I came in right away to have a c-section. It wasn't an emergency but the way she was laying and where the cord was they didn't want me to go into labor on my own as it could turn into an emergency if i had. So I didn't even go into labor or anything I just was wheeled away and had my c-section.

Iit always makes me feel bad that I never actually went into labor or had one single contraction. I have had people make comments about my not actually having any pain or contractions and how I had it so easy. When people make comments about child birth and c-sections even if it isn't directed towards me it makes me sad. I know there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a c-section because either way I have a beautiful baby and neither way (natural or cesaerian) is a cake walk, but I wish I would have been able to have a natural at least once in my life time.

I know I can try to have a VBAC but this makes me nervous as I've heard most VBACS end in a C-section anyway.

Also, Chasing Bubbles, you had 10 c-sections?! I completely don't doubt you, but multiple sources have tried to tell me no DR. will not do more than three and at three C-sections they cut your tubes because it is too dangerous. Now realistically I have no reasoning why any Dr. would be able to force you to tie your tubes, but I have no clue! I would like four kids, who knows if that will happen.

SORRY SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/4/13 10:25 P

I've had 1 vaginal and 1 cesarean! We all have very personalized birthing experiences and no one has the right to make you feel badly about it! Personally my vaginal was a scary experience which could have killed me and my section went as smooth as could be and my recovery was remarkable! However for most it's the opposite! Some one who would say such things rank extremely low in my book and they don't deserve my or your ear :)

HUGGINGJOY Posts: 7,685
9/4/13 10:41 A

Bully. Lol love it! Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Barbara

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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9/4/13 9:54 A

Both my children were post due date, induction, C-sections births. Both times I attempted vaginal. It's not as though I really had a choice in the matter but I've never had anyone tell me I had fake births. My first was rather tramatic, the most I dilated in 12 hours was 3 cm. They performed the operation under an epideral that did nothing to numb the pain. I felt the entire operation... it was like being disembowelled despite being given shots of morphine in a vain attempt to dull the pain mid-operation.

My second, my daughter was pushing into the birth canal for about 6 hours and I wouldn't fully dialate. Stuck at 9.5 cms. Taken off my epi and left to sit there with the urge to push for those 6 hours in the middle of the night while the OBGYN on duty was conveniently indisposed. He was suppose to deliver me within the hour.... I was given a spinal this time when I told them of my fears from my last birth. This time the operation went by without a hitch.

Honestly, if another woman ever told me I had a fake birth, bully for her. I don't care if angels sang and she saw stars during those final pushes. How my children entered the world is no one's business but my own.

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HUGGINGJOY Posts: 7,685
9/2/13 10:07 P

Roryau- Thanks for sharing your story! It is a shame they were teaching that in the birth classes. So neat you had such a good experience in the OR! hugs, Barbara

RORYAU SparkPoints: (3)
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9/2/13 9:41 P

I'm a c-section mama from Australia. I found my birth to be as special as any other - I had a birth plan so that i still felt like i had some control over the situation. My Dr/midwives were all supportive. My anethetist was amazing, he ran between taking photos and also telling us what was happening every step of the way as i had requested. They pulled the sheets down so i could watch her being pulled out - my partner and i tear up when we think about it.

I went to a birth class before knowing i had to have a csection so that i could prepare for a vaginal birth and we were told there that any type of drug will make the baby sluggish and not want to feed and that epidurals were bad, that c-sections were done because drs wanted to plan their weekend and it was easier...that all women can birth 'naturally' and that women who don't are selfish...etc :/ we went out of there having been told basically that formula was devils milk and c-sections were for wimps. I ended up having a csection and needing to comp feed with formula til my milk came in. So there you go :)

HUGGINGJOY Posts: 7,685
9/2/13 1:04 P

The truth is it shouldn't be anyone's business. Why comment at all on another persons birth? It should not matter to anyone else how my children were born. I just wondered of other C-section moms have had similar things said to them. I must attract the mean ones LOL! Hugs, Barbara

LEZASEDAI Posts: 412
8/30/13 11:11 P

I had a C/S and 2 VBACs. I don't judge anybody, however they get the baby out. It's an issue like politics and religion... some feel too strongly to talk rationally about it.

HUGGINGJOY Posts: 7,685
8/30/13 11:28 A

I agree people can be clueless. I have given birth both ways, and the C-sections were much harder. I did great, but it was no walk in the park. I can't figure out why people say anything, much less hurtful things. Hugs, Barbara

FUNJENYOUNG SparkPoints: (44,718)
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8/30/13 11:05 A

I always love it when people refer to my c-section as if it weren't a real birth. My reply to them is that it most certainly WAS a real birth and I would wager that I experienced more pain than a "real" labor (I had an emergency c-section). People are so dumb when it comes to things like this. If I had a dime for every silly thing said to me about the birth of my child I would be a VERY rich woman. People are just clueless.

HUGGINGJOY Posts: 7,685
8/29/13 5:17 P

I just wondered if anyone else had weird things said to them. I must attract odd balls LOL Hugs, Barbara

8/29/13 1:32 P

Actually giving birth c-section or natural doesn't make anyone a 'real' mother. Providing a lifetime of care and love makes you a 'real' mother. emoticon

That is horrible that someone asked if they could watch. Wow!

HUGGINGJOY Posts: 7,685
8/27/13 3:29 P

I know- people can be crazy. I have the scar to prove it was real too! LOL!!

People can be weird about it though. I had the husband of a friend of mine ask if he could come watch one of my C-sections- thought it would be cool to see a surgery. It didn't seem to him to be a rude request. I am sure if my husband asked to see his wife's vaginal birth he would have been appalled. It didn't occur to him this was the BIRTH of our child. It was just a procedure. The dumb cluck! Hugs, Barbara

TIME_TO_SHINE1 SparkPoints: (12,974)
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8/27/13 2:44 P

WTH does "fake birth" mean? I have 3 children and I have had 2 c-ections, trust me they were not "fake" I even have the scare to prove it, lol. Some people. I am glad that I was able to have my children both ways. I remember my vaginal birth and the pain I went through. With one c-section I did not have a choice, and with the last one I was tired of being hot fat and prego in June in Florida. So I feel that I made the best decision for me and my baby.

HUGGINGJOY Posts: 7,685
8/25/13 4:22 P

Hi! My name is Barbara Smith. I am known as Chasing Bubbles here at Sparks! I am the mother of 14 children. I had 10 c-sections myself. Yes TEN. :) Anyway, I am an RN in a Labor and Delivery unit in NC. I am also an author. I have published two books so far.

I know I have had some weird things said to me over the years. Have you? I once was told I couldn't be part of a food coop because I had "fake" births. I'm not kidding.

How did you feel about your births? I personally have given birth both naturally and by c-section- guess what? I love all the children the same! LOL!

If you would like to share/ vent, please jump right in! Hugs, Barbara

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