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Agree with DRAGONCHILDE. Switch up your exercise, track your nutrition more carefully, reduce the frequency of occasional junk food indulgence, and you should see them shrinking. Note however if you are at a normal body fat % for your age and gender, any further reduction of body fat % may cost you an arm and a leg.

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You can do all the lovehandle workouts you like, but unfortunately, you can't spot-reduce the fat from that area. :) The problem is that most of the time, these things are about body fat percentage; to remove them, you need to lower that, and fat loss is a total-body process.

The reason for this is because your muscles draw their energy from the blood stream, not the surrounding fat stores. So exercises which target a specific area won't burn the fat there, even though the muscles themselves do get stronger.

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I'm a gym rat myself, but no matter how muscular or in shape I get, I can't seem to shred these love handles, anyone have any simple but intense love handle workouts they want to share?

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