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7/12/13 10:55 P

Thanks! I appreciate the help!

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7/12/13 8:41 P

I agree with Zorbs - bodyweight is implied with calf raises, so leave it blank. (Unless you are deliberately increasing the weight with dumbbells, etc).


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7/12/13 8:03 P

you leave it blank for bodyweight or whatever weight if you are holding dumbbells or plates.

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7/12/13 7:14 P

I just looked at the calf raises demo and then checked it in the Fitness Tracker. I know what I would put for reps, etc., but what would I put for weight? Doesn't this exercise just use your own body weight? Should I enter my weight in the box? Haha, doesn't seem fair! But I'd like to know what others think. Thanks!

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