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3/25/13 7:28 P

I track recipes and cook from scratch frequently. You can use the food tracker to make a "food grouping". Weigh or measure each ingredient that you put into the recipe and put all those foods into the food grouping. Then divide the grouping into the number of servings. If your recipe serves 4, and you eat 1 serving, add .25 of the food grouping to your tracker. Good luck and happy cooking.

3/25/13 7:28 P

Use our Recipe Calculator:

Enter the ingredients and amounts.
You will have to decide the serving size (for example 1 cup of a soup) and then measure how many 1 cup servings you get. Enter the number of servings and "click" you will have the calorie and nutrient breakdown.

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3/25/13 6:49 P

I am working on using the nutrition tracker but where I always fall down with these things is in counting the calories in the meals I cook for my family. Does anyone know where I can find some guidelines to figure out what the nutritional value is of recipes that I make at home and what a serving size should be so I can calculate calories correctly?

For instance, tonight I'm making lime chicken tacos that are chicken thigh meat, red wine vinegar, a little sugar and salt, pepper, garlic, oregano, lime juice, and scallions. I'll probably eat two tacos, on corn tortillas, with shredded cheese (which I can obviously measure and calculate myself). So how do I figure out how big my portion of the cut-up chicken meat is and how many calories are in that portion?

I know I'm probably being too anal about this, but I cook real food every day, which is good for giving me control of what we eat but not so easy for figuring out calories and nutritional values! Any and all tips are greatly appreciated!!

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