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1/1/13 4:42 P

wow thats a lot of calories! sure doesnt feel like Im expending that much breastfeeding :) my son is about 2.5 months- I've only had access to scale once in the past month, and before then I wasnt really keeping track, so I dont know yet how quickly Im loosing (or if I am at all!). The next time I have access to scale Ill get a better idea. Right now Im eating about 1700-2100 cals... Ill see how many cals Spark recommends for 1/2lbs a week then add about 400-500 to either end. Thanks Becky!

1/1/13 4:33 P

It would depend on the age of your infant.
A newborn would increase need by about 400-500 calories.
An infant 3-4 months old--would increase calorie need by 500-700.
Even an older infant who is using some baby food and still nursing can increase need by 800-900 calories daily.

track calorie intake and your weekly weight loss--the goal is to lose no more than 1/2 pound weekly while nursing. Increase calories if you are losing too quickly.

Dietitian Becky

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C-MERRIE11 Posts: 748
1/1/13 4:24 P

Hey! Does anyone know what you need to do to calculate how many calories you need to maintain milk-supply and achieve slow, gradual weight-loss while exclusively breastfeeding? I can provide more specific details if necessary- thanks!

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