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I add all the ingredients into a sp recipe counter and the servings as a meal and then put my percentage of the meal to calculate what I ate...hope that makes sense

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Anytime I use the recipe calculator, I use the calorie information from the labels of all of the ingredients. Unfortunately, on many occasions that I've checked others' nutritional info from the SP site, it's usually WRONG! So, anyway, I use the USDA's nutritional numbers on fresh vegetables .... measuring everything! Then, although it's a huge pain, the only way to be sure of the serving size is to take the finished product and divide it evenly as much as you can (weight, contents, etc), then put the number of servings into the recipe calculator and VOILA! You can then store your portions in individual ziplocks or plastic containers in order to not have to go through the process of measuring again. Once you've saved your recipe, then it's there for future use; and, assuming that you don't change the quantities of anything, YOU'LL NEVER HAVE TO DO ANY OF THIS AGAIN FOR YOUR MINESTRONE SOUP! Yes, it's all time consuming but SO WORTH IT because then YOU'LL KNOW you can trust the numbers! Good luck and happy healthy lifestyle living! =)

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Does anyone have a formula for figuring out how to calculate serving size and nutritional info for a homemade recipe? I made a low-sodium minestrone soup and I'm not sure how I should count it. There are 4 different canned foods in it plus fresh veggies, so I'm confused!

I am guessing a healthy serving size would be 1-2 cups, but what about calories? Should I add all of it up and then divide by how many servings the whole pot would equal?


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