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Is it hypercalcemia? Did they check your parathyroid hormone levels, too? I've dealt with that before, and so has my dad. He's still going strong. If it ends up being a parathyroid deal, shoot me a message, and I can answer questions from a patient's POV.

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Try not to worry and enjoy your Easter ! If something was really wrong, I'm sure your doctor would have called you immediately with the results. The office is probably a little concerned because you already have hereditary risk factors for heart disease. Medical people really need to be more tactful when it comes to calling their patients when forwarding test results. They do have a way of freaking everyone out.

Try to relax. Everything is going to be fine !!!

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Ok my cardiologist ordered a calcium score on me the other day and I am totally freaking out. I had it done on Friday and they gave me my results and said I need to talk to my dr asap! My family history of heart disease is scary enough as it is and of course it was done late Friday so the dr won't have the results till at least tomorrow.

Friday I was upset of course but yesterday was ok and though worried I was able to manage the anxiety. now today I am on the verge of tears! Just needed to vent a bit and maybe get some input? emoticon

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