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11/10/11 1:17 P

Thank you for that reply!!

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11/10/11 9:11 A

I have heard of that, ChattyKay. I used to work at a mammogram office handling their medical records and scheduling (I'm obviously not a doctor). Caffeine consumption can cause breast pain and aggravate cysts, sometimes this is termed fibrocystic breast disease if there's a component tied to your hormone changes of your cycle.

I'm not sure what level of caffeine is too much. I do remember the doctor I worked for would recommend decreasing caffeine intake if someone had breast pain or cysts, as well as evening primrose oil. I'm not sure what dosage of the oil she recommended. You might want to talk to your doctor or a natural health specialist, as they'll have more specific information regarding amounts.

CHATTYKAY SparkPoints: (0)
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11/10/11 8:20 A

Interesting range of answers, thank you for them. When I asked the question, I was curious to see if anyone would give a response from a different perspective. I had heard from two different cases of too much caffeine being a factor in a certain type of "lumps" in the breast. I was curious to see if that showed up in any comments... Is anyone familiar with that??? Or know how much is "too much"?

11/8/11 12:46 P

I have learned to have white chocolate and love it - don't miss the other chocolate at all - have even found white cocoa!!

KELLYTHEFIT0710 SparkPoints: (37,167)
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11/8/11 10:45 A

Everything in moderation!!!! I myself love coffee and drink a couple of cups a day emoticon I'm not so sure about other forms of caffeine emoticon

UGAKATE85 Posts: 2,630
11/8/11 10:35 A

I agree with HEYBUTT; I think it's more about WHERE the caffeine comes from as opposed to the actual caffeine itself. Some is good b/c it revs up your metabolism/makes you more willing to exercise, but it depends on how you get it. Caffeine pills/soda I avoid like the plague (although as a disclaimer, I never was a soda fan so it wasn't hard for me to cut back). I NEED my morning cup of coffee though and refuse to give it up! I just make sure to use a little cream and no sugar to keep my coffee as healthy as possible!

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11/8/11 10:29 A

I'm pretty sensitive to it, plus I get addicted to it very quickly (which is why I'm working on cutting out soda). A cup of strong coffee can make me jittery. Energy drinks make me feel like I'm going to die.

So I stick to green tea and little bits of chocolate, for the most part.

11/8/11 10:17 A

I had vertigo attacks which led to some loss of hearing. I cut out caffeine except for some decaf a few times a week and I have cut salt down to 1000 mg's a day which is a big switch and now I look at potassium also since they are both dealing with electrolytes so I won't be dizzy or nauseated. It has been quite a juggling act but if you want the ringing not to get worse or affect your hearing you might want to start thinking of that now.

SYDNEY_GAL Posts: 1,609
11/8/11 12:29 A

My main source of caffeine over the years has been diet coke, since I've never liked coffee in any form & don't eat much chocolate.

Since I've been drinking alot less diet coke than I use to, my caffeine intake has significantly dropped, which has been of some benefit for me.
As I suffer from chronic tinnitus, having less caffeine in my body has helped to reduce the ringing in my ears. Having less annoying ringing at night results in finding it easier to fall asleep

Aside from the reduction in caffeine, I also suspect that drinking less artificial sugars has also helped reduce my tinnitus a bit.

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CSROBERTSON621 SparkPoints: (202,588)
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11/7/11 11:41 P

I had managed to cut my caffiene intake to almost nothing -- until my Dad got sick last June. Now I'm back to several giant cups of coffee a day. Will have to try to cut back again at some point, but right now I need it just to keep putting one foot in front of the other...

TMCLEOD4 Posts: 1,673
11/7/11 9:27 P

I have to limit my caffeine intake. If I drink any after 12 noon, I don't sleep that night. But, worse, if I drink more than one cup of coffee or one cup for 3 days in a row or more, my heart starts missing beats (arrhythmia) . I still have some, but I avoid it for the most part.

MR54BLD54 Posts: 352
11/7/11 3:56 P

Can't drink it, gives me a headache and raises my blood pressure.

11/7/11 3:02 P

moderation, too much of anything is Bad!
but I do think there are some benifits of drinking some, every day
It 's the other stuff in Soda I question!

11/7/11 2:50 P

Everything in moderation.
I've cut back to 1 pop a day, and I have coffee a few days of the week. It's one thing I'm just not ready to quit yet. In large quantities it may not be ideal, but I don't see the harm in it if you aren't abusing it and are drinking it in reasonable quantities and not drinking a 12 pack of Dew a day.

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RGRJOE175 Posts: 469
11/7/11 2:17 P

My name is Joe and I am a coffe addict. It is the only thing I drink besides water. Yes I drink at least 4 cups a day along with my 1+ gallon of water a day.

I have no desire to quit and I am not going to quit regardless of what anyone says up until I fall over dead.


POSEY440 SparkPoints: (462,354)
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11/7/11 1:25 P

have to what the chocolate I forget about it at times it does affect me

HEYBUTT Posts: 769
11/7/11 12:43 P

It depends on how much and the source.

Gallons of soda? I'd say that's "harmful". Too many calories/sugar/chemicals.

From "natural" sources (coffee, chocolate, etc)? Then I'd say "beneficial" as long as you don't go nuts on calories.

Personally, I prefer to get my caffeine in pill form. That way I KNOW the dosage I'm taking and can alter it depending on my energy needs (and don't have a lot of excess calories in the process). I also don't have caffeine pills every day (and average 50 mg/day).

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/7/11 6:26 A

Nothing to do with weight loss, so many people freak out and want to do everything perfect- they kick their own butt when finding out at social and high times they have alienated themselfs completely from having a good time..
Morals and values fly out the window around about now and on wards to January.. Don't be too radical it is sour falling off the wagon and eating humble pie.. Never gave it up or did it have any influence on my weight loss..

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11/6/11 4:23 A

I agree moderation. I have cut way back and just have it in my coffee 1 time a day. Some people are more sensitive then others to caffeine. Do you feel you are? Do you feel you have too much?

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
11/5/11 12:48 P

I drink 2 cups of coffee during the work week, so M-F and I don't think that's terrible in terms of caffeine consumption. I don't really drink soda so that coffee is really it for me. I think too much isn't a good thing, but I don't think it's bad to have some.

KELLEY421 SparkPoints: (40,735)
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11/5/11 10:50 A

I know that I drink way too much, and am trying to cut down to 2-3 cups per day. Outwardly, I don't think it affects me, but who knows what it is doing to my insides?

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,562
11/5/11 9:46 A

Everything in moderation :)

Coach Jen

CHATTYKAY SparkPoints: (0)
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11/5/11 8:16 A

What are your thoughts on caffeine consumption? Beneficial? Harmful?

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