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1/26/14 2:19 P

Caffeine consumption is the least of my worries!

That said, I have discovered that with each passing year I seem to be getting a little more susceptible to its affects, and if i drink it late in the evening, it does impact my ability to fall asleep quickly. So, I don't drink it as a "nightcap."

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1/26/14 2:13 P

I agree with Becky. I don't feel like I NEED it...don't get headaches or anything if I don't have it, but I love a nice cup of steaming hot coffee in the morning.

1/26/14 1:12 P

Personally, I love that first cup of java in the morning.
Especially since it have been ZERO degrees in my neck of the woods.


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1/26/14 12:12 P

I am guessing that the answers to this are going to get interesting ? Be nice ! emoticon

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