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5/15/14 3:32 P

It's true about buffets and bacteria.. They put up a glass "sneeze guard" for a reason. I once observed an unsupervised little kid poking the pitted black olives Also, there is always an "older" person who is must squeeze all the rolls to pick out the freshest ones. Way to gross.. I rather not be aware of food being played or tampered with.

Also, in restaurant restrooms...It freaks me out reading the sign "All employees must wash
hands' Duh!

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5/14/14 8:58 P

I think the most restaurant waste happens in non buffet restaurants where often portion sizes are enough to feed a family of four. It is too much food for one person and many do ask for a box to take leftovers home but some folks (including me) find that inconvenient and/or would never eat the leftovers so they just leave half of food they pay for on the table. In this scenario, the restaurant is to blame for the waste because their portions are not reasonable.

As for buffets, I have no opinion as I don't like them and don't go to them.

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5/14/14 8:37 P

I agree that people can be very wasteful at all you can eat places. Now that I am a bit wiser I avoid those places as if they had plague! I don't think the quality of the food is very good.

But, to be honest, I used to take my son and a couple of his friends to all you can eat places. When feeding multiple teenage boys it made financial sense!

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5/14/14 4:53 P

I don't eat buffets, I'm pregnant and it's not advised because of all the bacteria

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,361
5/14/14 3:38 P

I agree that people should not waste food, but buffets aren't usually the best dishes and if the customer opts to try something and doesn't like the taste...I don't think they should have to eat it or pay extra for it.

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5/14/14 2:32 P

It's so bad now, food eating is just another form of "entertainment" for a majority of people, so they want to squeeze out as much as they can for their buck. Other people not having enough has nothing to do with it, and us not eating doesn't change that, either, really, nice to say the words though.

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5/14/14 2:04 P


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5/14/14 1:24 P

Before he owned his own food establishment, he worked for Sizzler when they were still on the East Coast.

One table of patrons ordered burgers and the all-you-can-eat buffet. They filled up on the buffet and demanded the money back for their burgers. Mind you, the burgers were already on their table fully prepared.

My hubby told them no, that they had already been prepared and were on their table. He said he would wrap them up. The husband told him that he felt sick, the buffet food must have gone bad, and he was going to throw up. My husband told him two things: 1. Go ahead because I have a mop", and 2. "Here is the number to the Health Department. They will want a 3-day food history and will want you to defecate in cans for testing."

Those partrons took the burgers.

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5/14/14 1:23 P

I usually avoid buffets when I have a choice for the very reason that it is such an invitation to over eat. If I don't have a choice, I am very picky with what I put on my plate. Sometimes I find something that I really like and never cook myself. I have never attended a buffet meal that I did not have more than I needed, but ate it all.

GARDYLOO Posts: 118
5/14/14 12:52 P

I think it sounds like an excellent idea for the very reason that the chef in the article gave. It will make people think about what they're piling on their plates. At an all-you-can-eat buffet people can just as easily take smaller portions and go back for seconds, thirds or fourths if they feel the need. But why should they be allowed to pile a mountain of food on their plate that they can't finish?

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5/14/14 12:23 P

Same on Cruise Liners. Most people over stuff themselves day and night while at sea. Playing shuffle board for 10 mins is not going to put a dent in the 4,000 calories consumed at lunch.

I try to avoid buffet style restaurants. Too many food combinations for my taste. I like to
eat Chinese, Italian, or Greek entrees separately. Also, there is always an overload of
mac and cheese, potato salad, fried chicken, barbecued ribs and high calorie desserts to pick from.

I often share a meal. Restaurants charge extra for additional plates, but that is okay
with me. The portions tend to be smaller and there are no leftovers to be wrapped.
Charging for "doggie" bags might be a good solution.

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5/14/14 12:21 P

We go to a chinese buffet that is pretty good, they have vegetables and healthier options as well as all the fried foods the other buffets in our area have.

They have signs asking people not to overload their plates and waste food, but it still happens. The portions I see other people taking are unbelieveable, there is no way the could (or should) eat that much. If they allowed leftovers to go home, I know a lot of people would take advantage of it and fill their plates even higher.

I try to teach my son to take reasonable amounts first and ask for seconds. And if he wants something I know from past experience he won't eat, he is only allowed a small bit and has to at least taste it.

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
5/14/14 12:16 P

It seems odd to say there is an unlimited buffet and then charge more if people don't finish. Good luck to them though.
They should just say the initial cost covers x amount of food (2 plates, 1 lb, etc) and anything after that costs more and here is a take home container.

I don't like all you can eat buffet style restaurants personally.

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5/14/14 12:11 P

I've been to buffets where I have to leave the food on my plate and go for something else because it is inedible. I'm not a fan of buffets either, and they know what they're doing. Most of the food is cheap filler. No, I don't think they should charge for waste if the food is terrible and I don't think people should take any food home. It's all you can eat, not all you can take.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
5/14/14 12:04 P

fixed link...

It makes me a little crazy to go to buffets. I don't have a problem with *me* - I don't get carried away and eat mountains of food, thankfully!... it's just that I see SO many people coming back from the line with plates piled so high with food they can't even move it around to get to everything... much less eat it. What, do they think the place is going to run out of food? it's not because they don't want to go back - because they do that, over and over, with the same piled-high plates each time. Then they leave the majority of it on the table with a bite of this and a spoon of that taken out, and do it again. It's disgusting.

The trouble with take-away at buffets, IMO, is that this will *increase* that habit. If you can take food on your plate, why not pile it up as high as it will balance, so you can take it home? The buffet I frequent will sell you take-away by the pound, and that seems reasonable to me. If I want lighter fare, it's less expensive. If I want to load up on the heavier meats, I pay for that preference. I have no issue with this procedure.

I just hate seeing all that waste - and I know it's a cliche that there are people starving in "X" place... but it's true. Heck, there's people starving right in each of our own towns. Elderly. Children. Disabled. People simply down on their luck or between jobs. And then you have these morons who toss food around like there's no tomorrow simply because they figure they *can*, because they've paid for it.

Sickening and saddening.

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5/14/14 10:23 A

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The problem with buffets is that people tend to want to get the most bang for their buck. They'll over load their plates with food just to ensure they get their money's worth. Even if they put a small sample of each item, that's still an awful lot of food and yes, there will be waste.

BUT, here's the problem, most buffet's don't allow patrons to take home leftovers. If the restaurant just charged an amount appropriate for the taking home of left overs, there wouldn't be a need for a surcharge on food that's left on the plate.

Also, many buffet's count on people loading up on the cheap food like fried chicken instead of the most expensive food choices like seafood.

What do I think ? If you don't want people wasting food, they should be allowed to take home doggie bags from buffets. That would mean raising the price of buffet.

ZZYYGGY3 Posts: 2,394
5/14/14 10:15 A

When I first saw the title I was like what and thats why we're all overweight lol. Then I read the article and it made a lot more sense. Apparently a Swedish eatery that has an all you can eat buffet is charging patrons extra for any left overs. It makes a lot more sense to me now, and I totally agree with it. People always tend to take way too much at buffets and wastes it when they can't eat it all. Any other thoughts

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